Vender of the Week: Third Drawer Down

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Who: Third Drawer Down

Where: Melbourne, Australia

Why we love Third Drawer Down:

Now with two locations across Melbourne, Third Drawer Down is home to an eclectic range of all things ‘I need that in my life’. One part design heaven, one part pure joy with a sprinkle of absurd, their products are impossible not to fall in love with. Not only are their stores  self-proclaimed art lovers, but they’re also watchful critics too, questioning the mainstream conditions under which art and culture are bought and sold.

How’re you finding Vend?

We were looking for an integrated system, and were sold a package by another POS company, as we required a system that offered multiple currencies on both invoicing and purchase ordering. As we quickly found out this was not the case for international purchase ordering and we could only pick one other currency for our international sales. Ultimately that company couldn’t do what it promised it could.

And then we found Vend. We worked with Jeri Murphy and Unleashed as we required multiple currencies and multiple warehousing facilities, in addition to integrating with our e-commerce platform and Xero. We have been using the system for 3 months now and overall it is working well for our business. We can certainly see aspects of our business increasing in efficiency from the e-commerce fulfilment aspect. The uploading of products takes us longer as we need to push data through 3 systems, but once it is entered the data is pushed through to all systems making sales and fulfilment a breeze.


What would your words of wisdom be to new Venders?

If you are considering starting your business with a cloud based accounting, inventory or e-commerce or integrated system – make sure there is a phone number for the company. So often starting up with these new systems the learning curve is so huge, and to be able to call up the cloud-based service provider and ask questions saves so much time and energy.

If you are considering an integrated cloud system, the money spent working with an integration consultant (like Jeri) is well worth it to. Make sure they have experience across all platforms, and accounting knowledge to hardwire your business back to secure and solid financial data.

– Abi Crompton, Design Guru, Third Drawer Down

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