Vender of the Week: Ubertechs


Who: Ubertechs

Where: Lancaster, England

Why we love Ubertechs: 

With over 45 years of computer experience amongst the Ubertechs team, it’s not hard to understand where their name came from. Little or big, there really isn’t an IT problem they can’t fix. Whether your hard drive accidentally went for a swim, or you’re setting up a wireless network in your house for the first time, the friendly team will be there to rescue you from the nightmares that are unnecessarily complicated tech manuals.

How did you get started and what’s your mission? 

Ubertechs was formed back in 2004 as a home-visit computer repair company. In 2009 we saw an opening in the market for an Apple repair specialist in the area. Shortly after, we became the only Apple Authorised Service Provider (AASP) in the area. We moved in to a new location and our Apple repair business grew from strength to strength. Today we pride ourselves on the professional, personal and passionate Apple repair service we offer.


What brought you and Vend together?

We hold a stock of nearly 500 Apple repair parts, along with Apple accessories and refurbished computers. We looked at, and tested several other POS systems. We needed one which was cloud based, accessible from multiple devices and locations, and it also had to have a great stock / inventory system built-in. Vend allows us to keep track of all of these parts with its integrated product and inventory system. We can easily see stock of all our parts along with value and stock locations. Searching for a repair part within the Vend system is very quick and easy; multiple technicians can access the system simultaneously to check on stock and adjust inventory.

We run the Vend iPad POS app at our counter and this allows us to quickly and professionally serve our customers. For a couple of years we had to keep track of sales with pen and paper, tallying up at the end of each day. Now with Vend, we can simply use the ‘close register’ feature and immediately calculate our daily takings. Being able to see, at a glance, on the Vend dashboard, the weekly and monthly sales is of great importance to us and not something we could previously do.


What are your words of wisdom for others in your industry?

In these tough financial times, you need to do things which set you apart from the competition; specialize in one or two areas, and become experts in your field. Be professional in everything you do and don’t cut any corners. You should always aim to complete your repairs on the first attempt; there is nothing worse than a customer coming back a few days later with the same problem. In the tech industry it’s tempting to try and run as many services and servers in house as you can, something we were guilty of in the early days. By using Vend, you let somebody else worry about your POS so that you can concentrate your efforts in to running the best tech service company you can!

Mike Dent, Founder / Apple Wizard, Ubertechs

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