Vender of the Week: Vaho

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Who: Vaho

Where: Brisbane, Australia

Why we love Vaho:

Vaho is a innovative company hell-bent on cleaning up the world, one recycled PVC advertising banner at a time. They take discarded banners in their wrinkled, dirtied and forgotten state, and apply generous amounts of love, hard work and vinegar to clean their acts up before turning them into bags. Their ‘trashion’ products have taken their hometown of Barcelona by storm, so much so that they’re now out to take on the world. We had a quick chat with Tony Sturre, the distributor of Vaho in Australia, to find out how he got involved with their incredible work.

How did Vaho get started, and how did you get into retail? 

Vaho was started  in Barcelona when the company founder saw all these amazing festival banners going into the trash when the festival was over. He thought we should be doing something with these fantastic pieces of art that were, to him, a representation of Barcelona. This was about 10 years ago. Now there are about 6 shops in Barcelona plus one in Majorca and one in the Canaries. I was visiting Barcelona one year and saw these amazing shops and the innovative way the product was displayed. Then, when I went into the shop, I fell in love with these recycled, unique and hand made in Barcelona products. It didn’t take much for me to decide to bring them to Australia.

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What brought you and Vend together? 

I saw some people using iPad’s in their shops and I had an old cash register and wanted to use better technology. I was at the Apple shop and spoke about it and they recommended Vend. I really like Vend and we make a lot less mistakes than with the old cash machine. I like that the data is recorded for me and that the statistics are available immediately and, as someone who does not like writing everything down, Vend does everything for me!

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Do you have any words of wisdom for new retailers?

You’ll need more cash than you think and get a good POS system from the start!

– Tony Sturre, Australian Distributor / Recycling Enthusiast, Vaho

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