Vender of the Week: Van De Vort


Who: Van De Vort

Where: San Diego, California

Why we love Van De Vort: 

All around Californian heroine, Andrea Van De Vort, is a retail fanatic. After relocating to her husband’s hometown of Del Mar, she found a niche in her new market and has since been busy building a thriving fashion business. With both a brick and mortar store as well as a successful online presence to keep her busy, you’d think Andrea would struggle to find a shred of spare time. Yet, armed with Vend to help keep the two stores in sync, she’s found time to start blogging about everything from fashion and beauty trends to food and travel adventures. Judging by how much we enjoy reading her engaging pieces, we’re pretty sure her customers are loving staying in the know too.

How did you get into retail? 

My career began working for big name labels (mostly Australian labels), in the Los Angeles fashion industry. I noticed that there was no representation of these amazing lines in San Diego, so I opened up shop and people are loving it! San Diego is a large city with a lot of sub-cities. Most people typically stay in their neighbourhoods, however, I’ve been really excited to meet all of the shoppers that travel outside of their zone to visit us at the boutique. Currently, most of our sales are from in-store styling sessions, but our online sales are growing everyday!

What brought you and Vend together?
Before opening the boutique, I knew I wanted to eventually have an e-commerce site. My website builder introduced me to Vend and strongly recommended it as it syncs beautifully with the e-commerce platform we use. It has definitely saved me a lot of time and effort as it does all of the work with updating products to our website, etc.


Where does your passion come from?
I’ve always been a fashion fanatic, but owning a business is a new found love. The day-to-day is great – I love meeting new people that come into the store everyday, hearing their stories, dressing them, and really just having a great time.

Do you have any advice for new retailers?

Owning a business is like being a newlywed and a new parent all at once. It requires SO much work, patience, love…. it can definitely get hard and run your life, but taking a moment every morning to remember why you got into it to begin with can reset your tired brain and give you a boost of energy and appreciation.

– Andrea Van De Vort, Owner / Fashion Director, Van De Vort

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