Vender of the Week: Whoopie & Co



Who: Whoopie & Co

Where: Auckland, New Zealand (Conveniently located right below Vend’s HQ)

Whoopie & Co was started in 2011 by Nick and Lucy. Their mission? Simply to create a brand celebrating life’s “Whoopie Moments”. For the duo, there is no better way to celebrate than having delicious treat (and we can’t help but agree). Traditionally, Whoopie Pies are a treat of the Northeastern US, particularly within the Amish community. The pies, as the legend goes, came by their name because farmers would often shout ‘whoopie!’ when they saw them in their lunch box. Today Americana purists have latched onto the pies as a true American food icon, and Nick and Lucy are dedicatedly supplying their community with daily arrays of all things Whoopie. Needless to say, the team here at Vend are definitely amongst their biggest fans.

What’s your local community like? 

We have great mix of customers from all over Auckland. It’s always a pleasure to see a familiar face, and we’re really lucky to have a very loyal and lovely customer base. We believe that maintaining quality and service is the key to repeat custom. If they’ve chosen to buy your product the first time and enjoyed it, then there is a very high chance they will be back if the service and quality was also great. We’ve introduced a new website which includes an online shop which is going very well too. It makes for an easy decision in your work place or home to order a Box of Whoopies and have them delivered to your door for a Whoopie Moment!


What brought you to Vend and how’ve you found it?

Our business plan has always been to hopefully grow overseas so it wasn’t a hard decision to use Vend when thinking about how to structure the business. Although we are still a very small business in Auckland at the moment, the benefits of having as much of our business in the cloud as possible has given us a lot more time to work in the store (rather than spending time in an office opening and closing a large filing cabinet and filling out monthly forms). We have been more than impressed with Vend. Not only are we able to view Vend anywhere at anytime, but it has great reporting and works offline as well. The bonus was we could see Vend had so many benefits outside of just a POS system. Rewards programs such as Collect Rewards, accounting with Xero, website integration… the list goes on and I’m sure will be growing in the future.


Can you tell us a little about using the new Vend Register iPad app?

We started with the iPad version a few years ago and thought how amazing the idea was. Unfortunately, at the time [with the older iPad app] we were trying to use Vend, Spotify, two printers and a cash register. The iPad just wasn’t able to keep up with the demand of everything, so we went back to Vend on the laptop and a mouse. Then a few months ago, Vend, turned up at the store to ask if we wanted to try the new Vend Register app. I was very keen!

We were delighted that the team at Vend have basically started again and have developed from scratch a much faster and easier to use native iPad app. I really believe that, this app will be Vend’s main user interface. It is brilliant! So easy to setup, so much faster and when it comes to the all-important customer transaction everything works like a dream. This is including running printers, Spotify, social media apps, website etc… The iPad is now a very busy machine in our store!


And lastly, do you have any advice for new retailers (Vend related, retail related, life related… whatever you’re in the mood for).

Some advice I can suggest from experience is before opening your doors for trading, do your homework. Not just on the dream of running a business and the business plan but also how you wish to collect valuable data and use this data to grow your business. There is a lot of great data in cloud services out there and each one is designed to give you information. Some of these are even free for you to subscribe to. Once you have these systems running make sure they are very easy to use and that staff do use them, otherwise the data is pointless and you are just wasting your time and money. The upside is that data gives you proof the business is viable and sustainable. It can help you plan for the future and can also help when looking for investment. Track as many areas of the business as possible from the word go! I didn’t but I am now!

– Nick Maddren, Co-Founder / Whoopie Master, Whoopie and Co.

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