Vender of the Week: Wiseys Pies and Bakehouse

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Who: Wiseys Pies and Bakehouse

Where: Toronto, Canada

Wiseys Pies and Bakehouse is a beautiful Vender nestled in the heart of Toronto that specializes in a well-known culinary delight amongst Kiwis: the simple, yet awesome, meat pie. Though the ‘meat in a pie’ concept is unheard of in many other parts of the world, these pastry pockets of deliciousness can be found in nearly every corner store, bakery, and school canteen across New Zealand. This global shortage was the driving reason behind Gary taking the humble Kiwi pie on a whirlwind adventure, along with his partners in crime Lee and Darcy from Calgary. Opening their doors only recently in Toronto, Wiseys Pies and Bakehouse has already taken over the city by storm, and their plans aren’t stopping there!

How did you get into making delicious treats for Torontonians? 

I’ve been self employed since I was 19 years old. I purchased my first bakery off my then boss which gave me a great grounding of how the world (and money) goes round. After I sold that four years later, I took a complete change and starting a career in financial planning which I did for 23 years. At one point I had a team of nine brokers and two support staff working with me!

With an impending move to Toronto looming, I decided that I wanted to go back to my passion of food and decided that with the funds from my NZ sale, that I would open a Bakery in Toronto. Whilst this was mainly to fuel the passion for cooking, we have also seen a huge opening in the market here for a good ol’ Kiwi style pie that we intend to make “nation-wise” (nation-wide) all across Canada!

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What brought you and Vend together?

I actually subscribe to a Magazine called “Monocle”. It’s a great mag and read and I love all the success stories in there. In the last issue, I saw an article about a Kiwi guy called Vaughan and Vend! At the time I was looking into POS systems and had seen a few others but thought I would support the Kiwi. Not only that, it looked like a funky system with funky people, as well as being cheaper too. So I emailed Vaughan to congratulate him on the article and he put me onto the Toronto Sales Manager, who hooked me up with Tyler and the rest is history.

Do you have any advice for new retailers who’re also just starting out?

At this stage we’re in the early stages of setting it up, but I can say that so far the system is very easy to use and understand. It’s imperative these days to have good systems that make life easy come the end of the day and tax year. I love Vend so far, we’ve had great support and the vibe within the establishment is similar to ours. That alone makes me want to be part of Vend! The main advantage was the very minimal outlay for hardware as opposed to some others I was looking at. The classy style and minimal look of the iPad on the counter spins my wheels.

– Gary Wise, Founder and Bakerologist, Wiseys Pies and Bakehouse.

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