Virtual customer rewards, with Perkville for Vend point of sale

When you stumble upon a fantastic new shop or business, do you get a buzz from sharing the discovery with your friends?

When your friends then become regular customers too, don’t you wish the shop would show you a little love in return, to say thanks for all the business you’ve sent them?

Now Vend retailers can do just that, through our newest integration partner, Perkville, a revolutionary service that enables any business to offer a virtual customer reward program in minutes.

In a nutshell, Perkville lets your customers:

  • Earn points by buying stuff at your business
  • Track their points on Perkville
  • Earn more points by referring their friends

Your customers can even earn points by telling their Facebook and Twitter friends how much they love your store. 

How cool is that?

There is no hardware, no loyalty cards and no long term contracts required.  The service is free for customers to join and offers plans starting low as $49/mo for businesses.

Find out more about Perkville at their website to check how the Perkville reward programme works, or watch the video to learn how to integrate Perkville with your Vend point-of-sale account.

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