This Week in Retail: Holiday tips for your AdWords campaigns, advice on keeping star employees and more

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Welcome to another issue of This Week in Retail! We’ve got some interesting content for you today, including a post on modern consumer psychology, an article on keeping your star employees, a video on successfully expanding your business, and more.

Dig in!

1. The new consumer psychology – “Technology isn’t just changing how we shop; it’s changing how our brains actually work,” writes Jennifer Overstreet on the NRF website. In this interesting post, she talks about Kit Yarrow, author of Decoding the New Consumer Mind and her findings on the changing mindsets of modern consumers. Check it out and get some insights into what’s going on in the minds of shoppers today.

2. Why star employees are leaving—and how to stop them – Taking care of employees should always be a top priority for businesses, but now that the US economy is improving, this issue is more important than ever. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has found that the number of people leaving their jobs is up nearly 9% from last year, and as this post puts it, SMBs “are having trouble holding on to talented employees these days.” But don’t worry, there are things you can do to keep your star workers on board. Read Kelly Spors’ tips on this and see how you can put them to work in your store.

3. Expanding a business to multiple locations by OPEN Forum – Thinking about expanding to other locations? Be sure to watch this video featuring Jeanine Sylvester, owner of the retail store Runner’s Alley. Jeanine has successfully expanded to two additional locations, and her business is thriving because of it. In this video, she shares the lessons that she learned along with the challenges that she faced during her expansion. Check it out!

4. Top holiday tips for retailers – If you’re planning to run Google Search and Shopping campaigns for the holidays, this post is a must-read. The search giant itself shares its data on holiday shoppers and offers tips and best practices to help retailers maximize their campaigns. Read the post, see Google’s tips, and put ‘em to work. And don’t forget to download the accompanying Holiday Shopping Checklist to make sure you’re on track.

5. Why exceeding fulfillment expectations is the new holiday ecommerce strategy – Staying competitive in this year’s holiday season (and beyond) requires that you not just meet, but actually exceed the order fulfillment expectations of your customers. In this post, Kevon Hills shares insights and examples of retailers that are doing (or have done) just that. Read his article and see if you can use the information to improve your holiday fulfillment strategies.


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