This Week in Retail: Tactics to create advocates, ecommerce hacks to increase conversions and more

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Hey there and welcome to another issue of This Week in Retail! Our roundup today covers various topics including customer service, ecommerce, social media, customer advocates, and brick-and-mortar retail. Whether you’re looking to gain more online and offline fans or need to improve your ecommerce strategy, the articles below will point you in the right direction.

1. 5 foolproof tactics to create strong customer advocates – How do you turn your customers into brand advocates who will not only buy from you, but who’ll also talk you up to their friends? Andrea Gellert over at Duct Tape Marketing shares five effective (and surprisingly easy) ways to accomplish this. From getting some face time with shoppers to owning up to mistakes, her advice should help you connect better with customers overtime.

2. How much longer can the traditional store remain shoppers’ fave? – Great news, brick-and-mortar retailers. A new study has found that 72% of digital shoppers worldwide think that the traditional store experience is important when making purchases. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t modernize your store. Results have also shown that consumers have a high-regard for in-store technologies such as email receipts, kiosks, and scannable shelf labels.

3. Eight simple e-commerce hacks to increase your online selling power – If you’re selling online, put this article at the top of your “must-read” list. In this insightful piece, Ivan Mazour writes about eight ecommerce tricks that can immensely increase sales. From tapping into your shoppers’ cognitive biases to understanding how people are using your site’s search feature, you’ll be sure to pick up some interesting hacks from this post.

4. In-store marketing holiday checklist: part one – This year’s holiday shopping season is relatively short, with only 26 full shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, writes Nicole Leinbach Reyhle. And to help you make the most of the season, she came up with “a general guide for devising, finalizing, and executing your holiday in-store marketing plan.” Give it a read and be sure to check out part 2 of the post here.

5. A customer service lesson from Hy-Vee’s social media team – Looking to rack up more social media love? Check out this story of how Midwest grocery chain Hy-Vee turned a negative tweet into a positive comment. It’s a great case study that teaches us lessons in social listening, taking action, and most important, customer service.


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