This Week in Retail: Going up against e-commerce giants, prepping for Small Business Saturday, and more

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Hey there and welcome to our latest issue of This Week in Retail. We’ve got a great lineup in store, including an article on sweet e-commerce stats, a post on competing with retail giants, advice on Small Biz Saturday success, and more.

Dig in!

1. An e-commerce seller’s guide to sweet success [INFOGRAPHIC] – Running an online store? This sweet infographic by SumAll offers plenty of insights on e-commerce sales. The company analyzed data from more than 17,000 online stores over four years, and they’ve uncovered some pretty interesting trends on payment methods, timing (i.e. best vs. worst time for sales), customer spend, and more.

2. How to compete with the e-commerce giants – If you think your startup or small biz doesn’t stand a fighting chance against the likes of Amazon and eBay, think again. In this article, John Rampton shares some valuable tips to help startups and SMBs compete with e-commerce giants. From making use of data to understand shoppers, to building lasting relationships with them, you’re bound to pick up some great nuggets in this post.

3. 3 tips to make this Small Business Saturday count – Small Business Saturday is growing bigger by the year. In 2013 for instance, consumers spent $5.7 billion with independent businesses. That kind of participation doesn’t happen at a drop of a hat though; businesses taking part in SBS must work to spread awareness in their communities. Need help on how to do this?  Retail Minded’s Nicole Reyhle provides awesome advice on how you can get customers into the small biz spirit on November 29.

4. 5 ways retailers can add value to their customers – Discounting isn’t the only way to get your shoppers to spend, writes George Chang over at Multichannel Merchant. According to him, “To generate sales without cutting margins and avoid partaking in this race to the bottom, retailers should think about how else they can offer value to their customers.” Check out his post and get advice on how to do just that.

5. The four different types of specialty retail associates – Doug Fleener over at Retail Customer Experience writes that there are four types of specialty retail associates: there are the Gawkers, the Stalkers, the Talkers, and the Rockers. According to him, the Rockers are the best type of associates as they are the ones who can “rock” the customer experience. Don’t have a lot of them in your team? Don’t sweat. Doug shares three very simple “chords” that you can teach your staff so they can become specialty store rock stars.


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