This Week in Retail: A selfie for your business, a guide to “Me-Commerce”, and 3 more must-reads

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Hey Venders!

We’re back with another issue of This Week in Retail. Today you’ll learn about the best way to welcome customers into your store, how to win in “Me-Commerce,” why mobile matters in retail, and more.

Check out our picks below:

1. The reason why 85% of retail sales are lost… – When customers walk into your store, do you greet them with the classic “Can I help you?” line? If so, you may want to rethink your approach. According to business coach Fraser J. Hay, this tired old question usually leads to a closed response like “No, thanks” because it doesn’t address the uncertainties most shoppers have. He suggests that retailers should instead ask thoughtful questions tailored to their customers. He tried this approach with a client and generated an increase in sales and order value. Check out the article to learn how they did it.

2. How’s your selfie lookin’? [QUIZ] – Selfies aren’t just about narcissism or boredom. They actually help people figure out and test their identities. And in this post, Retail TouchPoints applies that same principle to the business world through a fun self-assessment quiz that can help you evaluate your company’s online efforts. The quiz contains some interesting questions as well as fast facts and stats about retail, customer service, and more. Take the test yourself and—as Retail TouchPoints put it–“see if your company’s strategies are worth bragging about”.

3. ‘Me-commerce’ is here to stay. Here’s how to capitalize on it. (INFOGRAPHIC) – “Does this store get ME?” is a question that a lot of consumers ask when evaluating where to shop.” That’s why it’s essential that retailers take the steps to better understand their customers and deliver products and services relevant to their needs. To help you do that, this infographic shows you the numbers behind consumer behavior and the customer decision journey. It also gives tips on how to leverage technology and find talent that can help you take your “Me-Commerce” efforts to the next level.

4. Seeing your store as a customer would – This post urges retailers to look at their store through the eyes of a customer instead of a merchant. In other words, when you’re evaluating your shop, eliminate the biases you have as a business owner and try to see things with a fresh and objective view. As Nicole Reyhle put it, “forget the cost of each signage or display piece, forget the corner spot you worked so hard on.” Doing so will help you spot the details that really matter to your shoppers. The post has a nifty list of questions that can help you with this exercise. Be sure to grab it and start evaluating your store.

5. How mobile is transforming the retail industry in stores and online – This post identifies the key areas in retail where mobile can deliver the most value. It tells us about how mobile is helping stores gather more insights, how it empowers associates, and how it improves customer experience. It offers a high-level view of mobile and retail, and it’s worth a read if you’re interested in using the technology in your business.


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