This Week in Retail: Avoiding markdowns, connecting with omnichannel shoppers, and more

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Howdy Venders!

We’re back with another issue of This Week in Retail. Our roundup today has articles on digital retail, omnichannel shoppers, mobile devices, and more.

Dig in!

1. What the State of Retailing Online Study reveals for digital commerce in 2015 – This post offers some interesting takeaways from the latest State of Retailing Online (SORO) study. Sucharita Mulpuru-Kodali, VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research (and who also happens to be a Vend Top 50 Influencer) talks to the NRF and shares some great insights on where digital retail is going and what merchants should focus on.

2. Omni-channel shoppers: an emerging retail reality – In this piece, Google outlines the three critical steps retailers must take to connect with omnichannel shoppers. Such steps include measuring behavior, providing localized information, and creating the right organizational structure. Check out the article to get more information and real life examples on how to carry out those steps in your store.

3. 5 ways product reviews benefit independent retailers – In addition to providing credibility and social proof, did you know that product reviews can also help you improve your marketing and product quality? Not only that, but when leveraged correctly, reviews can attract customers and connect like-minded shoppers. Learn how to do all that in this post!

4. Not just for shoppers: how mobile helps store associates – Arming your staff with mobile devices can help them answer questions more quickly, serve customers better, and improve the store experience overall. And as Josh Marti points out, mobile devices make for great training tools as well and can start “new temporary workers on the right footing by supplying instant information in the palms of their hands.” Read this post to find out more on how you and your staff can use mobile in your stores.

5. 5 ways to avoid markdowns on your inventory – No retailer likes markdowns, which is why  “balancing your inventory to sell should always stay top of mind.” To help you do just that, Nicole Reyhle of shares five practical ways to stay on top of inventory and avoid markdowns. From merchandising tips to pointers on purchasing, her post is packed with actionable advice.



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