This Week in Retail: How to become BFFs with your customers, how to upsell properly, and more

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We’ve got some great reads rounded up in our latest issue of This Week in Retail. Today you’ll learn how to become best friends with your customers, as well as how to deal with them when things aren’t going their way. We’ve also got some posts on upsellng, hiring, and unloading inventory.

Happy reading!

1. How to survive the holiday season: become your customer’s best friend – Becoming one of your customers’ BFBs (best friend brands) is the best way to survive (and thrive) in this year’s holiday season, writes Jay Henderson. In this article, he shares some tips on how to do it right. From making use of analytics to sweetening the shopping experience of your customers, you’re bound to get some great ideas you can use.

2. 3 tips to deal with difficult customers – Difficult customers come with the territory of running a retail store. Whether it’s someone who won’t accept your return policy or an aggravated shopper taking it out on your associates, all retailers face the task of alleviating a heated situation at one point or another. If you’re looking for advice on how to do this, this 5-minute read by Nicole Reyhle offers 3 practical tips on dealing with difficult shoppers. Check it out and keep her advice in mind the next time you encounter a less-than-thrilled customer.

3. Reduce retail theft by hiring smarter – Making better hiring decisions is the number one way to reduce retail theft, writes Jason Taylor. In this piece, he shares insights into what causes employee theft, and offers sound recommendations on what retailers can do to combat the issue. Give it a read and start making your store more secure.

PS: Check out our post on reducing retail shrinkage for more tips on preventing employee theft and other security issues.

4. 5 ways to turn excess inventory into a marketing opportunity – Sitting on excess inventory? Don’t fret. As Nathania Stambouli put it, just because the merchandises isn’t “making you money the way you hoped it would, doesn’t make it an outright bad purchase.” Check out her five tips on how you can unload excess stock while creating marketing and revenue opportunities at the same time.


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5. Seven lessons in upselling, learned from a trip to the mechanic – Upselling is an art. Do it right, and you increase sales while helping customers get more bang for their buck. Do it wrong, and you alienate shoppers and make them feel that you’re only after their money. In this piece, Dale Furtwengler tells us a story of upselling gone wrong, and what retailers can do to prevent the same mistakes.


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