This Week in Retail: Boost social engagement with brick-and-mortar, run a winning pop-up store and more.

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Welcome to our latest This Week in Retail roundup! Today we have articles that can help you boost social engagement, broaden your retail knowledge, improve your loyalty program, and more.

Dig in!

1. 4 ways to encourage social engagement through brick-and-mortar retail – As a brick-and-mortar retailer, you likely have a ton of Instagram- and Pinterest-worthy opportunities just waiting to happen within your store. All you have to do is capitalize on them through clever UGC tactics that get customers snapping and sharing photos online. This post offers tips and examples on how to do just that. Be sure to give it a read.

2. You only know what you know … and that may be what’s stopping you! – Having confidence in your knowledge and skills is good, but in order to grow, you also need a bit of humility and open mindedness to recognize the things you don’t know so you can work on them and improve. In this post, the team at Graff Retail sends a gentle reminder that retailers shouldn’t let their lack of knowledge stop them from reaching success. Click the link to read more.

3. Pop-ups: how temporary storefronts are changing brand loyalty – Looking to learn more about pop-up stores? FierceRetail’s Jacqueline Renfrow shares insights into the trend, and why retailers (particularly online pureplays) are jumping on these stores. She also cites some top tips on what merchants should do to ensure that their pop-up stores are a success.

4. 7 retail trends that will shape how you shop in 2015 – Here’s a neat slide show featuring the trends that are making the biggest waves in the retail industry. It provides a good overview of the trends and technologies that are making their way into stores (and consumers’ lives). Check it out to get a glimpse of what’s happening in retail and what might happen next.

5. 5 loyalty program dos and don’ts – With every successful loyalty program story, “there are loyalty initiatives that fall short of the mark,” writes Josh Fischer on Retail Customer Experience. To help ensure that your loyalty program succeeds, he outlines five important dos and don’ts that retailers must keep in mind when implementing their loyalty efforts.


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