This Week in Retail: Boosting customer loyalty, running successful in-store events and more


In this latest installment of This Week in Retail you’ll learn about creating amazing in-store experiences through mobile and events. There’s also advice on how to get more repeat customers, how to use Instagram to engage shoppers, and more. Dig in!

1. 9 elements to make any store event a successIn-store events can help generate buzz, draw people in, and enable you to connect with your customers. Thinking of doing one for your store? This article by Retail Doctor Bob Phibbs has some neat tips, reminders, and ideas that you can implement before, during, and after your event.

2. 5 ways to capture (and keep) customer loyalty – Repeat customers are easier to convert and they spend nearly 70% more than newly acquired ones. If you don’t have a customer retention strategy, you could be missing out on a ton of revenue. The good news is, it’s never too late to start focusing on customer loyalty. For this post, Daphne Howland  over at Retail Dive sheds light on 5 different ways to generate repeat business. (Hint: It’s not just about rewards programs.)

3. 5 tips to refresh your retail biz – Here’s a quick and easy read for the busy retailer (aka: YOU). In this post,’s Nicole Reyhle dishes out five fast tips to help you reinvigorate your store.  Be sure to read through the end of the post to get a chance to win two tickets to the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association “Retail Refresh” event.

4. Zappos creates personalized shopping experience for Instagram’s #OOTD fans – Online retailer (and customer service darling) Zappos just launched a pilot project that combines personalization and social media. According to the post, the project, which is called Next OOTD “encourages Instagrammers to use the hashtag #NextOOTD when they post their selfies. If they do, Zappos will send them a personalized shopping recommendation based on their images.” It’s an intriguing initiative and it might give you some social media / personalization ideas to try in your own business. (PS: If you’re looking for Instagram tips, read our ultimate guide to selling and growing on Instagram.)

5. Express embraces mobile to remake the in-store experience  –  Express just opened a new store in Times Square. But even more interesting is the fact that the fashion retailer is making mobile an integral part of the in-store experience. According to this post on Mobile Marketer, the store has “interactive iPads, charging stations and mobile point of sale.” Talk about mobile-centric. Consider this as yet another sign of just how essential mobile is in retail. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to look into ways in which you can incorporate the technology in your own stores. Need a few ideas? Check out Vend’s roundup of top 20 retail apps.

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