This Week in Retail: Boosting word of mouth, keeping your sanity during the holidays, and more

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Welcome to another issue of This Week in Retail! Today we’re featuring a bunch of posts to help you achieve retail success during the holidays (and beyond). From an article on reducing theft to a post on driving word of mouth, this week’s retail roundup is packed with insights and actionable advice.

Read away!

1. How small retailers prepare for the holidays – Wondering what other small retailers are doing for the holidays? Perhaps the NRF can help you out. The retail-centric organization caught up with three brick-and-mortar merchants “to find out how they’re preparing for the holidays, Small Business Saturday and what the holiday season means in their communities.” Read the post and see what they have to say.

2. 5 ways to reduce small business theft – Theft is always a major concern for retailers, but it becomes increasingly more rampant during the holidays. That’s why in the coming weeks, you should be extra vigilant when it comes to beefing up store security. Looking for ways to accomplish this? Check out this RetailMinded post for five actionable steps on theft reduction.

3. 3 tips for repeat business… this holiday season and always – We have another post by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle in our roundup. This time, she talks about how retailers can increase repeat business during the holidays (and all the time after). From advice on product selection to tips on customer retention, her piece has some very interesting nuggets. Check it out.

4. How much does word of mouth drive sales? – Word of mouth can have a huge impact on sales. According to this RetailWire piece, “Researchers found that an offline word-of-mouth impression drives at least five times more sales than a paid advertising impression, and much more (as much as 100 times more) for higher-consideration categories.” Swing by this post to learn the rest of the study’s findings, and be sure to read through the comments, as several retail experts weighed in with tips on increasing word of mouth for your biz.

5. How retail employees can maintain their sanity during the holidays – Are the hectic holidays getting to you or your employees? This post by Retail Doc Bob Phibbs should help alleviate some of the stress. Check out his 15 practical tips on keeping your sanity, health, and—if you’re an employee—your job during the holidays.


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