This Week in Retail: How to charm customers the old fashioned way, how to drive in-store traffic and more

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Who are the most powerful women in retail? How can you instill more passion in your staff? What are the most effective ways to drive in-store traffic?

Our latest retail roundup aims to answer all the above questions, plus a bit more. Dig into the content below for posts on customer service, retail girl power, and top industry blogs, among others.

1. 3 reasons retailers need to act more “old-fashioned” – While we love talking about the future of retail and all the latest trends in the industry, we also recognize that some good old fashioned strategies (especially in customer service) never go out of style. That’s why we love Nicole Reyhle’s recent column on Forbes, where she talks about the reasons why old fashioned tactics appeal to customers, and what retailers can do charm their shoppers with such practices. Check it out!

2. The most powerful women in retail – FierceRetail just launched its inaugural list of the Most Powerful Women in Retail. It’s a great roundup of the top female players in the retail industry (specifically those in president or CEO positions), and it gives us a better idea of the women that we should keep an eye on in this space.

3. Are you passionate about performance? – Being passionate and enthusiastic are the key traits of good sales people. As the team at Graff Retail puts it, “they radiate energy, interest and commitment.” This is why it’s important that retailers coach and develop their team members and get them to sell with more passion and enthusiasm. In this post, Graff Retail reminds us of this important task and offers some help for merchants who need assistance transforming their staff.

4. Four ways to drive and attract in-store traffic – Foot traffic and sales are the lifeblood of any retail store, which is why merchants should continuously find ways to bring in more people and sales into their location. Need some ideas on how to do that? This post offers some practical tips and action steps to get more shoppers into your brick and mortar store.

5. The top 9 retail blogs you need to be following – Cara Wood at Capterra Retail has put together an excellent list of retail blogs that you need to be following. In this post, she lists 9 must-read blogs for retailers and even provides thoughtful descriptions (and in some cases, links to their existing posts) to demonstrate just how great each site is. Be sure to check out the list and start bookmarking the amazing sites on it.

PS: If you’re looking for more retail-centric blogs that are worth reading, swing by our recent post, Top 25 Retail Industry Websites You Need to Read.

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