This Week in Retail: Collecting data responsibly, complying with the latest PCI standards, and more

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Hey there and thanks for stopping by our latest This Week in Retail post! Our roundup today consists of articles on responsible data collection, PCI compliance, retail training, and more.

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1. 3 business lessons retailers need to heed – In this post, Jim Roddy shares three important lessons he picked up at the ASCII Success Summit, an event that attracts more than 200 tech executives. If you haven’t been giving much love the IT and cyber security aspect of your business, then this piece is a must-read, as it contains some great tips that you can apply in your operation.

2. Things I learned about retail training at RCC’s STORE 2015 – What’s the state of retail training in 2015? Mary Gordon and Kim McCutcheon of Graff Retail share their thoughts on this matter. They recently attended RCC’s STORE 2015 in Canada, and from the event, they got some great insights into what retailers want and need when it comes to sales training.

3. PCI DSS 3.0 “best practices” become requirements on June 30 – Certain elements of the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) 3.0 that were previously considered “best practices” will become mandatory on June 30. Have a talk with to your solutions provider about this standard and ensure that your business is compliant. Need to learn more about PCI DSS 3.0? This post on Business Solutions has some great info.

4. Interview: why marketing should be the orchestrator of customer experience design – “A large part of what people buy when they’re buying an experience, and what differentiates it from other experiences, is how it makes them feel,” says Mike Wittenstein in an interview with CMO, and adds that marketers need to exert more effort in getting their entire organization to understand this. Read the rest of the post to get more insights and examples on how to do this.

5. Shopping for data deals: 5 steps to improving the retail relationship – Leveraging customer data is a powerful best practice in retail but only if it’s done right. As Bryan Pearson puts it, companies must treat data “with respect and care.” To help you accomplish this, Bryan shares five tips on collecting and using data responsibly. Check it out and see how you can apply his advice in your business.

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