This Week in Retail: Competing with retail giants, boosting curb appeal, improving loyalty and more

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Howdy and thanks for checking out our latest This Week in Retail post! Today we have articles that tackle loyalty, big box stores, IoT, and more.

Read away!

1. David vs. Goliath: Why haven’t big box retailers chased all the small guys out of town? – Having big box stores move into town doesn’t necessarily mean that smaller merchants can’t thrive. As Shep Hyken puts it, “it really doesn’t matter what type of business you are in – or how big or small your competition is. Every business has some form of competition. It’s how you choose to compete that can make or break your business.” Learn how to do just that in this post.

2. 5 ways to increase retail sales – Looking for more ways to increase sales and boost your bottom line? Try these suggestions by While the piece focuses on climbing gym businesses, it has several great ideas that all types of retailers can put to action. Check it out!

3. How retailers can increase curb appeal – The look and feel of your storefront is critical when it comes to driving in-store traffic, so it’s important to keep finding ways to boost curb appeal. In this post, you’ll find practical tips, action steps, and examples that’ll enable you to accomplish that.

4. How the IoT will transform retail – The Internet of Things (IoT) “will have far-reaching impacts on retail, as well as any industry that it touches,” writes Debbie Simurda on She offers an informative commentary on what IoT is all about, and how it can transform retail. Read her post to learn more.

5. Beyond the box: Relationship marketing as loyalty – Loyalty programs in retail shouldn’t be transactional (i.e. points for purchases). Rather, they should focus on building great relationships with customers. Not sure how to do that in your business? This post—along with the expert comments below the article—can give you some great insights.

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