This Week in Retail: Role-playing with associates, learning from social commerce superstars, and more.

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Hey there and thanks for stopping by our latest issue of This Week in Retail! Today’s roundup has articles on retail sales training, compelling shopping experiences, social commerce superstars, and more.

Read away!

1. The #1 missing ingredient from retail sales training – Role-playing, according to retail expert Kevin Graff, is the missing ingredient from retail sales training programs. In this post, he talks about the importance of this tactic and offers tips on how you can make it fun and get your associates to embrace role-playing.

2. A purposeful customer experience shouldn’t happen by accident – Many organizations deliver great customer service by accident, writes Shep Hyken. “They hire good people and hope they will deliver based on their past experience. Some companies take it a step further and have some training,” he adds. However, Shep says these things may not be enough. Business should go a step further and move from “accidental to purposeful amazing customer service.” Read his post to find out more.

3. 14 retail experts reveal their favorite shopping experiences – Looking for inspiration on how you can deliver better retail experiences? Check out this post by Whisbi. They rounded up 14 industry influencers and asked them to share their favorite retail experiences. It’s a great read and it’s bound to give you some ideas.

4. Spotlighting social commerce superstars! – If you attended our expert webinar on social commerce last month, but just can’t get enough social media insights, head on over to the Retail TouchPoints blog. Alicia Fiorletta wrote a follow-up piece on social commerce and shares even more examples of retailers doing it right. Check it out!

5. 6 lessons Oprah taught me about retail management – Oprah often talks about the power of small change, and how it can have profound effects on the lives of people. As it turns out, this life lesson can also be applied to retail management. In this post, JD Miller at Workplace Systems discusses six retail-centric lessons he picked up from Oprah’s principle of small change.


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