This Week in Retail: Get the latest mobile stats, learn about measuring employee performance, and more

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What’s next for mobile and retail? How can merchants and solutions providers offer better shopping experiences? What is the “elephant in the room” that many retailers aren’t seeing (and are you one of them)?

Our latest retail roundup answers all those questions and more. Dig in and get yourself up to speed with the latest in retail:

1. Retail solutions 2015: measured against their contribution to customer experience – “In 2015, retail winners will remain focused on [read: obsessed with] improving the shopping experience for their customers,” Shawn Harris, Zebra Technologies’ North American retail and hospitality industry lead tells BusinessSolutions magazine. And with an increasing number of consumers expecting better retail experiences, merchants and their solutions providers alike would have to ensure that they’re able to deliver.

2. Welcome to real time onmichannel retailing – Need to keep abreast with the latest in modern retail—particular when it comes to mobile? This recent post by Tony D’Onofrio provides an excellent rundown of stats surrounding mobile industry trends, retailer mobile adoption, and more. In addition to providing you with interesting data on the industry, this post could also give you some ideas on mobile initiatives to implement in your store. Check it out.

3. Rivals look to take down Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s – Could Earth Fare, a rapidly expanding natural grocery chain take on industry giants such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s? It appears that it has all the potential to do so. According to RetailWire, the chain “has its sights set on opening more than a half a dozen locations in 2015,” and its newly opened branch in Michigan has been well-received. Of course, it’s too early to tell whether or not Earth Fare can indeed compete with the likes of TJ’s and Whole Foods, but it’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.

4. The elephant in the room no one is acknowledging in retail – Not measuring employee performance could be the omnichannel elephant in the room that could trample retailers, writes Chris Petersen. According to him, when it comes to omnichannel retailing, “store associates are a key critical success factor. Yet, most retailers have few, if any, metrics to track peak performers or reward them for their performance that consumers highly value.” View his post to read more about this issue and learn how to address it.

5. Survey shows your retail IT clients want to unify POS, e-commerce, call centers, mobile – A survey by the National Retail Federation, Ecommerce Europe, and Ecommerce Foundation in partnership with Demandware, found that 53% of retailers “expect to implement a unified commerce platform in the next few years.” This finding further asserts the importance of seamless retail, and merchants as well as business solutions providers looking to keep up with modern times should definitely take note. Check out this post to get the other survey findings.


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