This Week in Retail: Getting rid of spreadsheets, eliminating checkout lanes, and more

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Thanks for stopping by our latest retail roundup. This week we have articles on eliminating checkout lanes, getting started on email marketing, preparing for the future, and more.

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1. The ultimate retail disruption – consumers are the new POS – Chris Petersen makes a great case for why retailers should eliminate cash registers and checkout lines. In addition to the fact that they take up floor space and keep associates tethered to one part of the store, a lot of consumers these days may not actually need checkout lines anymore because shoppers themselves “have literally become the ‘Point of Sale.’” It’s a notion that many retailers should really think about. Read his post to learn more.

2. SXSW 2015: indistinguishable from magic – Missed SXSW? Check out this post. Joe Skorupa shares some of the things he saw and did at SXSW and offers a bit of insight on what went down at the event. In addition to moderating a session called the Ghost Economy, he also spent time attending sessions on social media, personalization, and data-driven storytelling, among others. Read his article to find out more about his SXSW experience.

3. Email marketing for retailers: everything you need to know to get started – Bookmark this page if you’re getting started with email marketing. MailSync, a solution that syncs your POS and customer data to your email marketing solution, came up with this awesome infographic containing need-to-know stats and tips around email. From data on open rates and conversion to pointers on what info to collect and how to reach subscribers, this infographic is packed with insights you can use.

 4. 5 challenges facing local retailers – “The next half decade will bring a lot of changes and local retailers are adapting their approaches to compete with online sellers and reach customers in new ways,” writes Patt Johnson. In this post, Patt talks about five important things that local companies should be prepared for if they want to thrive in the future. It’s a great read and offers a nice overview of what trends and technologies to keep an eye on.

5. The reality of using spreadsheets to run your business – Still using spreadsheets in your business? You’re likely doing more harm than good. Brandon Levey, CEO and ThinkerUpper at Stitch Labs wrote this awesome post on why spreadsheets are detrimental to a business. He shares some compelling pointers and stats on the topic and offers four reasons why companies should adopt better solutions.



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