This Week in Retail: iBeacon stats, smart ways to spend $1000, plus three more must-reads

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Want to find out how far $1000 can go in your business? Searching for some retail role models? Wondering if iBeacons are worth the hype? Our latest This Week in Retail roundup has answers to all those questions and more.

Dig in!

1. 6 smart ways to spend $1000 (or less) to attract more retail customers – A thousand bucks can go a long way in your business… if you spend it wisely, of course. If you need ideas on how to accomplish this, read this latest post by Bob Phibbs (aka: the Retail Doctor). He published an excellent piece listing six ways you can spend $1000 (or less) to gain more customers.

2. Amazon, Hermès, Chipotle top Forbes most innovative retailers list – Forbes recently released its list of most innovative companies for 2014, and a handful of retailers including Chipotle, Hermès, Amazon, Whole Foods, and Fast Retailing (Uniqlo’s parent company) made the list. If you’re looking for retail role models, this is a great place to start!

3. iBeacons: the hunt for stats – iBeacon technology has gotten quite a bit of press coverage ever since its release, but is it really worth the hype? Christopher Ratcliff of Econsultancy did a little digging and uncovered some interesting results. Read his post to see the numbers and learn what beacons have done for other stores.

4. Pre-holiday power-up: building better subscriber profiles – The holidays may not be in full swing yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to connect with shoppers. As Jim Davidson put it, retailers must “Take advantage of this preseason calm-before-the-storm to get subscribers excited about the fun festivities and ask them to complete their shopper profiles.” Check out his post for tips on how to do just that.

5. 50 things retail employees should never do – Looking to improve in-store customer service? Keep an eye out for employee behaviors that can turn shoppers off. In another excellent post by Bob Phibbs, he lists 50 things that retailers should refrain from doing. Go over the list and tell us: Are you or your employees guilty of the actions mentioned?


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