This Week in Retail: Instagram retailing, location analytics, testimonial strategies, and more


Welcome to the third issue of our This Week in Retail series! We’ve got a lot of awesome stories lined up, including posts on how to get more testimonials, ways to engage mobile users, and why you need to set up shop online.

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1. How location analytics will transform retail – If you loved our article on foot traffic analytics, then you’re going to want to give this a read. Aside from offering more information about the technology, it also provides real-life examples of how retailers are using location analytics to improve their store’s design, marketing, operations, and strategy.

2. 4 reasons small brick-and-mortar retailers need an online store – Do you have an ecommerce strategy yet? If not, you’re missing out. In this post, Armando Roggio of Practical Ecommerce says that there are at least four good reasons why you need to sell online: customer expectations, ease of shopping, the social nature of online shopping, and customer service.

3. Creative ways to get customer testimonials – Displaying testimonials is one of the most effective ways to convert customers. So how can you get more of these nuggets? Check out Pankaj K Singh’s creative suggestions. From leveraging social media to tapping into local directories, he offers some valuable advice on how you can increase the quantity AND quality of your testimonials.

4. What retailers must do content-wise to adapt to the rapid shift to mobile – With more and more users browsing the web on their smartphone or tablet, it’s important that you think about mobile with every blog post or newsletter you send. This article provides six practical tips to engage mobile users. Check them out and see which ones can be applied in your business.

5. On Instagram, a bazaar where you least expect it – Instagram has been a game-changer for a lot of retailers. So much so that for Fox & Fawn, a vintage boutique in New York, the social app now drives 20 to 40 percent of its daily revenue. Read more about the shop’s interesting story here.

Did we miss any juicy retail insights this week? Share some of your articles in the comments below.

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