This Week in Retail: Learn about e-commerce copywriting, stress management, social selling, and more

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Hey there and thanks for stopping by our latest This Week in Retail roundup! We’ve got a variety of hand-picked posts for you today, including articles on retail copywriting, stress management, customer loyalty, and more.


1. 5 major retailers that nail copywriting (and how to be just like them) – Struggling with increasing your ecommerce conversions? You may want to take a look at your website copy. As Julia McCoy puts it, “Unique and compelling copy is the pillar that supports the core of your online business and stops it from drowning in a sea of unremarkable products and services that nobody wants to invest in.” In this post, she shows some great examples of large retailers that are doing a great job in their copywriting. Check them out and see if you can apply any of them in your site.

2. The personalized customer experience – Put on your consumer hat for a second, and recall any instances in which you had an amazing experience with a merchant. Like our friends at Collect, we’d be willing to bet that your best experiences “were when you received distinct, personal service.” Now put on your retailer cap back on and figure out how you can do the same for your customers. You can start by reading this informative post on personalizing the shopper experience. Collect offers cool tips for both online and offline personalization, so you can cover your bases across digital and physical channels.

3. Infographic: How to find lasting loyalty love – Valentine’s Day may be over and done with, but that doesn’t mean we should stop talking about how you can show customers how much you love them. If you’re looking for more insights on how you can do just that, swing by the Points company blog to see their infographic on lasting loyalty love. In addition to citing interesting stats on customer turn-ons and turn-offs, it also offers quotes from consumers who, in their own words, talk about what made them fall in love with a loyalty program.

4. The rise of social selling in 2015 – Social selling is expected to make even more waves this year. As Marcel Munoz points out, “maintaining an open line of communication with customers on social media is only the first step in leveraging this powerful medium to connect with customers. We see tech-savvy brands moving to the next level — social selling.” If you’re thinking of getting into the social commerce game this year, check out this post for stats and insights on how you can implement social selling in your business.

5. 3 ways to prevent stress from financially hurting your business – “Stress can have serious impact on your physical and emotional health — but it can also have a significant effect on the financial health of your business,” writes Brandi-Ann Uyemura. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why you should take steps to manage stress and keep it from affecting how you conduct business. To learn more on how to do this, read Brandi-Ann’s post and see if you can apply her tips in your company.

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