This Week in Retail: A look at corporate kindness, clienteling, location-based marketing, and more.

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Hey and welcome to our latest This Week in Retail entry! Today we’re covering how retailers can treat customers like family, how to do location-based marketing right, how to form the “marketing trifecta” and more.

Dig in!

1. Are you treating customers like family? Two lessons from Red Lobster and Frontier Airlines – This article talks about corporate kindness and the things businesses can do to surprise and delight their customers. It tells us about the power of performing various acts of kindness and offers tips on encouraging employees to demonstrate that they care.

2. How to do location-based push marketing without going too far – When implemented correctly, location-based marketing can be very effective in engaging shoppers at just the right time. However, when the technology is misused, location-based tools like Beacons and geo-targeted apps can do more harm than good. In this post, Brent Hieggelke shares tips and examples of how to do location-based marketing right so you can stay on your customers’ good side.

3. Family Dollar CEO offers an ominous insight about his customers – Family Dollar CEO Howard Levine thinks that “the low end consumer has not benefited in this recovery at all” and doesn’t have a very positive outlook about the industry. “It’s a tough playing field out there,” he stated. Levine may have a point, and we think this is all the more reason for retailers to keep finding ways to improve. From hiring the right people to keeping up with the latest trends, there are plenty of things merchants can do to thrive in that tough playing field Levine was talking about.

4. Data, omnichannel and engagement: 3 terms that work together to drive loyalty – Data, omnichannel, and engagement are three crucial ingredients that form the “marketing trifecta.” Leveraging these three things the right way can increase loyalty and propel your brand to new heights. Wondering how you can accomplish this? Check out these 4 tips from Jessica Lee.

5. How clienteling bridges the gap between bricks and clicks – Clienteling—which is the use of individual customer information/history to provide shoppers with personalized experiences—can, according to this article, close the gap between bricks and clicks. It discusses four important elements of a good clienteling strategy and what retailers should do to pull it off correctly. Read the post and learn how you can use clienteling to enhance your omnichannel efforts.


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