This Week in Retail: Looking back at Retail’s BIG Show, using Snapchat to engage customers, and more

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Howdy Venders, and welcome to our latest roundup of awesome retail posts. This week, you’ll learn about what went down at Retail’s BIG Show, what rules to follow to keep up with modern shoppers, how to use Snapchat to connect with customers, and more.

Dig in!

1. Retail’s BIG Show 2015: Official Recap – Missed Retail’s BIG Show last week? Fret not, the NRF has you covered. This page provides a great recap of the event, complete with session articles and materials, photos, video clips, and even full-length video sessions. Enjoy!

2. Retail’s new rules for 2015 – “Retailers are entering 2015 by confronting the most sweeping changes in the last 100 years,” writes Joan Verdon on In this insightful piece, she talks about the new rules merchants must follow in this modern retail age. She also offers excellent tips on what retailers should and shouldn’t do going forward.

3. How Snapchat can help retailers kill ‘showrooming’ – If you’re looking for new ways to engage young shoppers and increase Gen Y and Z traffic in your store, you may want to consider using Snapchat. There are several ways brands can use the app to connect with shoppers. From sending surprise coupons to gamifying the in-store experience, you have plenty of options to try. Who knew Snapchat had so much potential for brick-and-mortar retailers?

 4. Seven characteristics of the modern consumer – Last week, top technologists from eBay, Chico’s and Brooks Brothers took the stage at Retail’s BIG Show to discuss the defining characteristics of modern consumers. This post offers an excellent summary of what they talked about and provides insight into what retailers can do to keep up with their savvy, always connected customers.

5. Customer service strategy: To serve and protect – Do you think about serving and protecting your customers or are you just focused on selling to them? In this post, Shep Hyken brings up some interesting points about having a “serve and protect” mindset, and how it helps increase customer trust, confidence, and ultimately, loyalty. Check it out!


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