This Week in Retail: How to market this holiday season, how to boost loyalty with tech, and more

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Welcome to another issue of This Week in Retail. Today’s post covers two main topics: the holidays and technology. We’ve got articles on marketing for the season, using technology to boost the customer experience, and more.

Dig in!

1. The holiday mobile-marketing strategy that retailers really need –In this post, Puneet Mehta shares six strategies for marketing during the holiday season. From providing omnichannel experiences and predicting intent, to leveraging location data and motivating shoppers with more than just offers, Mehta provides some useful advice on how to create holiday marketing campaigns that can stand out in a noisy marketplace.

2. Christmas email marketing has begun: four examples from fashion brands – Crafting your holiday email promos? It might help to see what other retailers are doing. In this post, David Moth shares four examples of early Christmas email marketing campaigns from fashion stores in the UK. These examples could give you some ideas of what you can do (or what you shouldn’t do) when you send out your own holiday messages. Check it out.

3. Building customer loyalty through technology – Loyalty was an important topic during the last Summit, and in this post, the NRF shares some of the important insights that were discussed during the event’s dynamic marketing sessions. Check it out to get some high-level perspectives on loyalty and how retailers can use technology to gain more loyal customers.

4. Five retailers using technology to create remarkable shopping experiences – Creating great shopping experiences should be a no-brainer for retailers, but in case you need more convincing, here’s an interesting stat for you: 86% of customers say they will pay more for improved experiences. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools and technologies that can help merchants level up in the customer experience department. Need help doing this? Have a look at these five examples for a bit of inspiration.

5. Tis the season for multi-channel retailing, says Deloitte – A recent study by Deloitte confirmed what most of us already know: This holiday season, consumers will be using multiple channels to research, shop, and buy. Read this post on ZDNet to get more details and view charts pertaining to planned device usage during the holidays. And when you’re ready to start implementing multi-channel initiatives, view our article on mulit-channel order fulfillment here.


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