This Week in Retail: Next-level personalization, innovative email marketing, and three more must-reads

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Hello and welcome to our latest This Week in Retail roundup! Today we have posts to help you gear up for the holidays, take your email campaigns to the next level, improve personalization, and more.

Read away!

1. E-commerce is not eating retail – E-commerce isn’t killing retail—it’s transforming it. In this insightful piece, Darrell Rigby busts the myth about e-commerce conquering retail (specifically brick-and-mortar) and sheds light on the reasons merchants should embrace both physical and digital channels in their business.

2. The science behind serving a customer – Retailers should be mindful of their own behavior and body placement when a shopper walks into the store, and implement proven tactics and behaviors that would entice people to buy, writes Dennis Price. For instance, do you and your staff stand opposite the customer? Do you stay outside their personal bubbles? Which side of the customer do you approach? Read through the post and see if you’re implementing these simple and proven tactics in your store.

3. Retailers say hello to next-generation personalization – Personalization tactics like adding the customer’s name in an email subject or having “you may also like” recommendations, while good, may not be enough to really engage shoppers. Graeme Grant notes that it’s time retailers adopt next-generation personalization and implement “strategies that put customers’ unique preferences at the center of every marketing campaign.” Check out his article for tips on how to do just that.

4. Email marketing’s day in the sun – “Year after year, we hear that email is making a comeback, it’s consistently driving significant sales conversion, retention, and loyalty, and that it is… Definitely. Not. Dead,” writes Catherine Magoffin. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we love her tips on modern email marketing, and we think it’s time retailers adopt trends such as microsegment targeting and open-time personalization. Read her post to learn more about these innovations and how you can apply them.

5. Retailers start gearing up for busy holidays – The holidays may be months away, but some retailers are already gearing up for the biggest shopping time of the year. Want to see what big players like Target and Kohl’s are up to? This article on Market Watch takes a look at what these retailers are dong. Get yourself up to speed and see if you can learn some of their holiday tricks and put them into action in your store.




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