This Week in Retail: Optimizing your store layout, increasing profits, generating media buzz, and more

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Howdy and thanks for swinging by Vend’s latest retail roundup! As usual, this week’s compilation is packed with super insightful—not to mention actionable—posts that’ll help retailers do more awesome.

Dig in!

1. A guide to store layouts that can increase sales – “Your store’s physical environment affects the ways in which shoppers interact with your merchandise, and it ultimately affects how much money customers spend,” writes Mike Michalowicz on Here he talks about how retailers can optimize their store layouts and environments for sales. From positioning products to creating a great atmosphere, Mike offers some highly actionable steps you can put to action in your own retail space.

2. A look at the retail model of the future – The retail stores we see today will be drastically different in the near future, thanks to technology trends and the shifting habits of consumers today. This article sheds light on the three main factors that are driving shopper evolution, namely: instant gratification, borrowing and customization. Read the post to learn more and find out how you can prepare your store for the near future.

3. Multiple Mother’s Days means more global opportunities – Mother’s Day in the United States is in a couple months, and you should definitely start planning for it. But it’s also important to note that in other parts of the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates. If you cater to international shoppers, it’s a good idea to pay attention to these dates as well. Check out this post to get more info on special shopping seasons around the world and see how you can incorporate them into your own strategy.

4. 10 tips to consider when reaching out to the press – Looking to generate buzz and media attention for your store?’s Nicole Reyhle shares 10 important things you should consider when contacting reporters. Read her tips to learn more about how you can improve your PR strategy and get the press mentions that your brand deserves.

5. Seven ways to be more profitable in your small business – If you’re looking to boost profits in your business (and who isn’t?), this article could give you some ideas. It’s packed with practical advice on how you can “jumpstart the money making activities in your enterprise.” From mining your customer files and knowing your net profit per hour to asking for referrals and following up, you’re bound to grab some great takeaways from this post.



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