This Week in Retail: A reading list for merchants, examples of beacons in action and more

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Our latest This Week in Retail post gives you the lowdown on back-to-school shoppers, beacons, private labels, and more. Check ‘em out below:

1. summer reading list: 16 books to help you master the world of digital retail – Looking to hit the books? Check out these recommendations from the Board of Directors. You’ll find everything from books about shopping trends, leadership, customer engagement, and more.

2. Krebs on security, Target and why retailers need a better response to data breaches – In a recent NPR interview, blogger Brian Krebs revisits the Target data breach fiasco and offers his thoughts on why retailers need to set up better systems when it comes to protecting customers as well as when their security is compromised.

3. Cheap-er isn’t better, it’s just cheap – This piece challenges retailers that carry private labels to take their private brand portfolios to the next level. Instead of settling for “-er brands” (i.e. “We’re just like Brand X but cheaper”), retailers and brand managers must find ways to truly differentiate themselves from competitors. It’s a good read and offers insights on why companies shouldn’t rely on other brands or products to define their own.

4. Shifting behaviors in back to school shopping – We talked about the back-to-school season earlier this week, but if you’re looking for more information on BTS shoppers, this piece over at Independent Retailer has some great insights. It discusses the latest consumer trends and what retailers can do to win the 2014 back-to-school season.

5. iBeacon trials: 13 brands trying to find a use case –  The post lists 13 awesome examples of beacons being put into good use. A must-read for retailers who are considering the technology for their shops, this piece is bound to give you ideas on how you can engage your customers through in-store beacons.


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