This Week in Retail: A refresher on the basics of retail, how to win in urban environments and more


Welcome to This Week in Retail, Vend’s roundup of articles that merchants ought to read. For this week, we’re tackling omnichannel retailing, personalization, urban environments, and retail basics you should never, ever forget.

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1. Gap’s new personalization tactics are “cool, not creepy,” exec says – Gap made headlines recently when it announced that it’ll be ramping up its personalization efforts both in the online and offline realms. The retailer was surprisingly open about its plans to gather and harness user information, though Gap did emphasize they will be using opt-in technology to ensure that the experience is “cool, not creepy.” The retailer is still in the process of rolling out the technology, and we’ll certainly be watching this space very closely to see how well Gap pulls it off.

2. Retailers seek innovation in personalization – Need a meaty guide on how to do personalization right? Retail TouchPoints has you covered. It has everything from solid research and stats to actionable tips and advice from retail experts. Give it a read. We guarantee you’ll learn something new.

3. Winning the urban store format challenge – While there are certainly a lot of retail opportunities in urban environments and major metropolitan areas, there are also some big challenges. This post tackles what those challenges are and what retailers can do to overcome them. It’s a good read for any merchant who’s starting or running a retail biz in an urban area.

4. The 5 basics of retail – what do you think? – This is one of those articles that retailers should print out and reference to time and time again. In this post, Ken Kring lists 5 retail fundamentals that merchants must always remember:

a. Make it easy for customers to GET INTO your store

b. Make it easy for customers to find the PRODUCTS they want

c. At PRICES that are fair

d. Make it easy for them to PAY for the product

e. Make it easy for them to GET OUT of your store 

No matter how modern or advanced things get in the industry, the five items above are the retail fundamentals you should never lose sight of.

5. Retail’s new race for customers – This article looks at the struggles of big retail chains when it comes to implementing omnichannel strategies. It’s an interesting read for any merchant that’s looking into the trend because it gives you an idea of the problems you need to solve when you decide get into omnichannel retailing.

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