This Week in Retail: Resolving conflicts with associates, winning at modern customer service and more

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Thank you for checking out our latest This Week in Retail roundup! Today we have articles on retail technology, millennial habits, winning at modern customer service (and retail in general) and more.

Read away!

1. Getting back to customer service basics in a digitally connected era – With modern consumers interacting with brands across multiple channels throughout their shopping journeys, it’s becoming more and more challenging to offer fast, seamless, and overall awesome customer service to each shopper. In this post, Alicia Fiorletta of Retail Touchpoints offers up some great insights, expert commentaries, and examples of how today’s retailers can better serve savvy customers and provide great experiences. Check it out!

2. Putting the personal touch to modern e-tail – Looking to run a successful omnichannel operation? Take a leaf out of House of Fraser’s playbook and see how the British department store is implementing modern, award-winning retail strategies. From offering click-and-collect to using beacon technology, Fraser sure is doing a lot of things right. Read this post to learn more.

3. Millennials ditching TVs should be a “canary in the coal mine” – If you’re catering to millennials, it might be time to ditch old media—particularly television. As this post points out, Gen Y-ers are trading in TV-watching for online and mobile video streaming. Despite this, “many marketers are clinging to media and metrics of the past.” Don’t be one of them. Merchants who are trying to reach millennials (along with their parents and other modern shoppers) have to embrace this change and figure out ways to track, engage, and convert them across multiple devices or channels. Learn more about these trends and get insights on what you can do about them in this post.

4. Leveraging technology to enhance customer experience – Here’s a slideshow that talks about some of the technologies you can adopt to enhance the customer experience. It showcases the results of a recent survey of 4,000 people “to decode this new age shopper and understand their preferred features online and in-store. The findings revealed key themes and invaluable statistics for retailers looking to decode their customers’ expectations.” Click through the survey to get a glimpse of the results.

5. How managers should resolve conflicts with associates – Dealing with employee trouble in the store? Keep calm and follow the OTFDN formula. An acronym that stands for Observe, Thoughts, Feedback, Desire, Next Time, OFTDN “helps you address and correct many of the annoying small issues and problematic behaviors of your employees.” Read this post to learn how you can implement it.

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