This Week in Retail: Setting the bar for employees, SMB productivity tricks, and more.

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Howdy and thanks for stopping by our latest This Week in Retail post! Today we have articles on website testing, employee management, omnichannel experiences, and more.

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1. Bebe optimizes the online shopping experience with Qubit – Contemporary fashion retailer bebe proves that the best way to optimize their customers’ online experiences is to test them. The retailer is currently using a solution called Qubit to run tests on their site, and they’ve already gleaned some great insights. For instance, after running tests, bebe discovered that displaying an estimated delivery date on their site actually increased revenue per customer by 2.28%.

2. Selling online? Here are 3 mistakes to avoid – While venturing into ecommerce can certainly help you improve the customer experience and increase sales, not executing your online strategy correctly could derail all your hard work. Jordan King, Vend’s Director of Business Development, Asia-Pacific, talks about three common errors that retailers make when selling online. Go through his post, and if you’re committing any of these mistakes in your store, take action immediately to change them.

3. It’s a two-way street for both employers and employees – “It’s time to raise the bar on the expectation level of store staff,” writes Kevin Graff, in his recent blog post. Kevin commends the current initiatives of retailers to improve employee pay and benefits, but notes that these improvements should be a two-way street. He’s encouraging retailers to set the bar higher and see to it that their staff complies to standards like dress code, merchandising, housekeeping, and sales. Check out his post to learn more.

4. 7 essential productivity tips for a successful small business – Looking to be more productive in your business? Wishing you could get more done? Our friends at When I Work came up with this excellent blog post on how SMBs can boost productivity. They offer several tips that cover errands, meetings, teamwork, performance tracking, and more.

5. Omnichannel retail is not about technology, it’s about customer experience – This isn’t your typical blog post about omnichannel. As Matt Crawford writes, “the last thing you need right now is another article telling you that an omnichannel solution is critical for future success.” So instead of talking about the “why” behind omnichannel,  Matt’s article focuses on the “how”. Particularly, how retailers can better understand their customers and their path to purchase.

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