This Week in Retail: The truth about geolocation, tips on influencer marketing, and more

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Hey Venders!

We’re back with another roundup of must-read retail articles. This week, we’re covering beacons, geolocation, influencer marketing, and more. Go through the links below and see if you can pick up any insights that you can apply in your business.

1. 10 truths you need to know about geolocation – “Geolocation will not work for every retailer,” writes Joe Skorupa on RIS News. And to help merchants figure out whether it’s a worthy investment for them, he offers up 10 need-to-know facts about geolocation. Be sure to go through this list if you’re new to the technology or if you’re thinking about playing around with geolocation in your business.

2. How retailers can use social influencers to boost engagement and sales – Influencer marketing can help you increase word of mouth and sales, but only if it’s implemented correctly. In this post, we talk about brands that effectively launched influencer campaigns and offer tips on how you can replicate their success. Check it out!

3. Insightful musings on the future of retail – Retail expert Tony D’Onofrio shares his thoughts on what the future holds for brick-and-mortar stores, Asian markets, luxury retailers, and more. If you’re in any of the above-mentioned spaces, or are simply looking for a great forward-thinking post to read, this one’s for you.

4. 5 S’s for romancing stores to reach empowered consumers – Making the brick-and-mortar experience more attractive to modern shoppers will take more than just the 4 P’s (i.e. product, price, place, promotion), writes Chris Petersen. In order to compete, he says that merchants must implement the 5 S’s (i.e. Smart Showrooming, Selection Curation, Social Power, Surprise & Delight, Service … Beyond the Sale). Read his post to learn more about these concepts.

5. 4 big mistakes retailers make when implementing beacon technology – Looking to implement beacons in your store? Be sure to do some thorough planning first. As we said in this post, when the technology isn’t carried out correctly, beacons can do more harm than good. To help you avoid any issues, we’ve outlined some of the common pitfalls you might encounter when implementing beacon tech. Read the post so you’ll know what issues to watch out for when you get on board with beacons.


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