What’s New in Vend – April


Happy Spring Venders! This month, we introduced our brand new omnichannel solution, Vend Ecommerce, said farewell to our old Vend POS app, added a few features and squashed a few bugs with Vend Register, and more.

Vend Ecommerce – Retailers who find more ways to sell to their customers are infinitely more successful. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Vend Ecommerce – built from the ground up to help you grow your business by giving you an online storefront. Now you can sell in-store, online, and on-the-go with Vend! With Vend Ecommerce you can:

  • Open an online store in minutes. Get your products online with just one click.
  • Never double-sell again with seamless inventory syncing across all your channels.
  • Give your customers what they want with easy omnichannel.
  • Streamline your operations by bringing everything into one set of reports.
  • Create a beautiful and effective online presence with our customizable store designs.

If you are currently on one of our Advanced or Multi-Outlet plans, Vend Ecommerce will be available to you at no extra charge, simply click the ‘Ecommerce’ tab on your store’s dashboard to get started. For all other customers, Vend Ecommerce will be free to try out until 31 May 2015. To get a live walk-through, find out how to get started, and ask any questions you may have, join one of our free training webinars at a time that works best for you!

Retiring Vend POS – On 23 April, we’re retiring the Vend POS for iPad app, which means retailers who haven’t already downloaded the app won’t be able to do so from that date. If you already have the old iPad app, you’ll be able to keep using it, and re-download it if you need from the Previous Purchases section of the App Store. However, we won’t be adding any new features to the old Vend POS app. Instead, we’re focusing on improving the new Vend Register app with exciting features such as Customer Facing Display (coming soon) and more integrated payment options. There are a few features from the old iPad app you won’t find in Vend Register just yet, but we’re adding these in the next few weeks – including Returns and Printed Receipt Templates. You can download Vend Register here.

As always, if you have any questions about what app you’re currently using, how to switch over to Vend Register, or just want to chat, we’re only an email away at support@vendhq.com!

Updates to Vend Register – This month’s release for the Vend Register app includes a few major features and optimizations including:

  • Customer emails entered for receipts can now be saved as Vend Customers after Sale Completion.
  • A Print Last Receipt option is now available from the top right action menu of the Sell Screen.
  • Product Variants can now be added as Quick Keys.
  • The 200 result limitation on Sales History has now been addressed and loads further results dynamically.
  • Socket scanners running in iOS mode will now input text if the search field is in focus.
  • This version of Vend Register also includes support for two integrated payment options including Tyro Integrated Payments in Australia and Mercury Payments in the United States.

Bugfix: Register App – Fixed an issue where Quick Keys would not display on some retailers’ registers.

Bugfix: Register App – Fixed an issue where receipt font format reverted to Times New Roman.

Bugfix: Register App – Fixed an issue that was causing some retailers’ sell screens to freeze.

Bugfix: Register App – Fixed an issue where scanned SKUs would load previously deleted products rather than the new product.

If you have any questions, or need any help, don’t forget that we’re only a click away. Find us on email,Twitter, or Facebook!

About Lorilynn McCorrister

Lorilynn is Vend’s Community Manager and resident music buff. Before joining Vend, Lorilynn worked in the music industry as a social media and artist manager. She loves writing, traveling, checking out live music, and, of course, communicating with Vend’s awesome group of retailers, partners and friends. You can get in touch with Lorilynn on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.