What’s new in Vend: April

Phew! We’re blown away that it’s only one day until May. But that’s okay, because we’ve got some exciting updates to pave your way into the new month.

Here’s what’s new in Vend.

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Vend Register for iPadwe’ve released our latest iOS Register v2.1.1. This includes improvements to user access, bug fixes and some performance fine-tuning:

  • Users in Vend can now be restricted to a chosen outlet or outlets.
  • You can define the behaviour of your Quick Key folders. Before, folders would always close after a product was selected, but now you can choose whether they stay open or close.
  • Loyalty balances are now updated to reflect the current sale in receipts.
  • If you have a large number of open on-account sales, we’ve improved in-app performance and addressed issues where the app would freeze because of this.
  • For those of you with Vantiv terminals, the payment information will now be included in the Vend sales receipts.
  • And lastly if you’re using PayPal, we’ve fixed a bug where processing manual payments would cause delays and freezing.

Want to make sure you’re getting the best version of Vend? We’re always making improvements to Vend Register for iPad, so we highly recommend enabling automatic updates on your iPad. Just go to Settings > ‘iTunes & App Store’ > Automatic Downloads, and then turn on ‘Updates’. And we always love getting your feedback, it helps us make Vend better. Feel free to get in touch by email, Facebook or Twitter.

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User permissions improvementswhere before you could only assign cashier and manager level users to either ONE or ALL outlets, users can now log into, run reports, and perform actions based on the outlet(s) that they’re assigned to – whether that’s one store or many.

Customer CSV import validationjust like with product CSVs, we’ve now got import validation for customer CSVs too. Any upload errors will be singled out and you’ll be notified immediately, so uploading bulk customer details will be a whole lot faster and easier!

Stock orderingwe’ve improved the email template that goes to suppliers when ordering stock. The clutter is cleared, and emails are now more consistent with your receipts.


Vend U we’re proud to announce the launch of three of our latest retail success courses. Watch them today on Vend U!

  • Outfitting, upselling and cross-selling – we’ve taken a look inside Shop Convey, a leading fashion boutique retailer, to examine their customer service, outfitting strategies, and sales techniques.
  • Needs-based selling & customer service – we’re profiled Nitasha from the Cure Apothecary, a successful natural skincare boutique owner, who shares her top selling techniques and advice for amazing customer service.
  • Stock control course – want to make managing your stock seamless? This course will look into easily making orders, performing stock transfers, counting stock, returning items and damaged goods, and much more.

We also held our first Twitter Chat looking at ways retail stores can prepare for Mother’s Day, coming up for many of you on the 8th of May. It was a jam-packed session full of inventive ideas. Missed it? We put together a wrap-up blog post to get you Mother’s Day ready. Check it out.

And in other news, the Help Center has had a makeover! So if you’re looking for a Vend-related help article, finding your way around should be a whole lot easier. And don’t forget, our support team is here to help 24/7 with anything you can’t quite find a solution to.


About Ashley Gilgrist

Ashley looks after product marketing at Vend — working hard to bring exciting product launches to retailers around the globe. When she’s not busy talking all-things-Vend, Ashley also has a love of tea, candle-crafting, binge-watching, and hiking the pointy peaks of New Zealand.