What’s New in Vend – December


Happy holidays Venders! Wow, what a busy month December has been! We’ve got some updates to Vend Register this month, a couple of important announcements, as well as a sneak peek at something we’re extremely excited about, Reporting 2.0 (Beta)! Take a look at the full list below.

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Reporting 2.0 (Beta) – In 2015 we’re completely revamping reporting in Vend (think of it as Reporting 2.0), and we want you, our amazing retailers, to have a sneak peek at what’s coming. If you’re interested, please register here, and we’ll get you set up with the beta over the coming weeks.

Updates to the Register iPad app  – Here’s a look at the latest updates and features we’ve added to Vend Register in the past couple of weeks. This will be our last update before Christmas, but our team will be working through bug fixes and preparing for more big features next year. Expect to see a release shortly after the New Years. And remember, we’re making continual improvements to Vend Register, so we highly recommend you enable automatic updates on your iPad. You can do this on the iPad by going to the Settings app, scrolling to ‘iTunes & App Store’, and under the ‘Automatic Downloads’ section turning on ‘Updates’. Check out the full list of updates below.

  • You can now create and process On Account and Layby/Layaway sales.
  • Customers can redeem loyalty earned through Vend Loyalty.
  • Saved sales can be printed from the Retrieve Sales screen.
  • Addressed a few performance issues with synchronization, including Quick Keys synchronizing while being edited.

Important Notice: HTTP Basic Auth – From 1 February 2015, we’ll discontinue HTTP Basic Auth and ask that you make the change to OAuth before then. Don’t worry, this most likely won’t affect you – only customers who’ve used third party developers to create a custom integration with Vend will be affected. Please get in touch with them, or with us (api@vendhq.com) so we can help with the transition and answer any questions you may have.

Important Notice: New Terms of Use – We’re constantly making improvements and adding new features to Vend to make our product even more useful for you business. Because of these changes, we need to make some updates to our standard terms of use, which is the document that governs our relationship with you. A full set of the new terms of use can be found here. Please have a read to check that you’re happy to keep using Vend on these terms. The new terms of use will automatically apply on and from today (19 December).

Bugfix – Fixed a CSV issue where some products uploaded in the track inventory field wouldn’t display in the stocktake list.

If you have any questions or need any help, remember we’re always just a click away. Find us on emailTwitter, or Facebook!

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