What’s new in Vend – December



Removing single taxes on the Sell Screen

Last month we launched the much anticipated Tax Groups feature, allowing our retailers to add multiple levels of taxes to their products. Since then we’ve been refining and improving the functionality based on feedback from the community.

Overwhelmingly, the most requested addition was the ability to remove a single line of tax during a sale – which is useful when applying discounts or making wholesale transactions. Well, it’s now available.

When making a sale, you can now remove a tax from it by pressing the red “x” button (as shown in the picture below).




More iOS goodies

In the latest version of the Vend POS iPad App we’ve added support for a new Epson printer, the TM-T82II Thermal Printer. The great thing about this printer is it’s excellent performance at a much lower price than previous models.

We’ve also added support for the Infinea Tab 4 barcode scanner, which helps turn your iPad into a scanning machine – perfect for lean setups and pop-up shop environments.


Sundowning support for the iPad 1 and iOS 5.0

In 2010, the launch of the original iPad changed the way retailers around the world did business – helping many do away with clunky cash registers and do better business, on the go. Since then we’ve had several generations of iPads and now iPad Minis.

Unfortunately, the technology that made the iPad 1 an amazing invention has become outdated since. In order to keep providing our retailers with the latest and greatest in cloud technology we’ll no longer fully support iPad 1 and iOS 5.0 devices from 22 January 2014 (but don’t worry, Vend will continue to work on these devices!).

What this means for iPad 1 users:

  • The older versions of the Vend iPad app will continue to work as is on the iPad 1, but users won’t be able to upgrade to the latest versions (with the latest features) we release to the App Store from 22 January 2014 onwards.
  • The current versions of the app will continue to work as is on your iPad 1, and will continue doing so after 22 January 2014.
  • Because we will no longer be creating updates for the iPad 1 , we can’t fully guarantee support and resolution of bugs that pop up after 22 January 2014. Feel free to get in touch with our awesome Support team, but there may be some issues we cannot help with after this point.

What this means for iOS 5.0 users:

  • We’re discontinuing support for iOS 5.0 devices from 22 January 2014, and highly recommend our retailers upgrade to iOS 7 in order to receive the best experience.
  • iOS 5.0 users can keep using the iPad app, but we won’t be creating any new updates for this version of the software.

As always, if you need any help or would like suggestions or advice on how to upgrade your devices – please get in touch with us (support@vendhq.com). We’re here to help and make our retailers’ lives more awesome!

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Sim was a writer and technology journalist in a former life, before coming on board at Vend to help us communicate with our amazing community of retailers, partners and developers. Feel free to get in touch with Sim on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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