What’s new in Vend: February


We hope you’ve had a great short month. The team here at Vend is still working hard to bring you more exciting updates! Next week, we’re rolling out gift card reporting so you can keep a detailed track of gift card transactions and balances. And setting up your product variants just got easier and faster than ever. In case you missed the announcement, we’ve made some big improvements to our Xero integration over the past few months.

Here’s what’s new this month:

Quick Variant SetupSetting up your product variants just got a whole lot easier! Forget setting up variants one-by-one. Now, adding new products with variants can all be done on one page in a few easy steps. Here’s how.

Vend ReportingNext week, we’re rolling out gift card reporting! This will give you visibility into individual gift cards sold, their current balances, and any transactions made.

Register for Mac and PC You can now edit additional customer information such as customer codes and postal addresses. And an issue where sales weren’t displaying correctly in Sales History has now been resolved.

Vend Register for iPadCustomer and product search functions have been significantly improved, especially in cases where there is a high volume of products and customers. Vend now integrates with the Star Micronics mPOP all-in-one cash drawer and printer, and our interface now supports the large iPad Pro display. And you can now reprint a receipt without it being sent to a secondary printer.

Xero improvementsIn case you missed our updates over the past few months, we’ve revamped our integration with Xero. Thanks to some great feedback from retailers like you, it now has more features than ever – including posting cost-of-goods-sold from Vend to Xero! Check out our blog for a recap of all the new features and upgrades. We hope this will create an even better experience when using Vend and Xero together. And we have a new on-demand course available for setting up the link between a Vend store and Xero account. Check this out on Vend U.

Vend U Use Vend U this month and you could be in to win! Just sign into Vend U more than once, complete our monthly survey, and you’re in the draw to win a USD$100 Amazon.com gift card. A new winner is drawn every month. And with the new Quick Variants Setup, we’ve updated our Setting Up Your Products in Store course to show you how to upload your products even faster. Sign in to Vend U today!

Vend Walkthrough Demo

Are you ready to take Vend for a spin? We’ll set you up to run the world’s best retail in just 15 minutes with our walkthrough demo. Get the most out of Vend quickly so you have more time to provide an exceptional experience for your shoppers. Watch video now.


Are you closing your register at the end of the day?

Closing your register at day end is so important. It gives you the opportunity to reconcile your receipts, catch any cash discrepancies or cash handling errors right away, and it keeps your reporting accurate and up-to-date. Here’s a quick video on opening and closing your register in Vend.


And that’s all from us this month! Here’s to your continued retail success.

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