What’s new in Vend – February


Products and Price Books now support 3 decimal places

Vend retailers can now edit inclusive prices for products up to 3 decimal places instead of the 2 decimal places we currently support.

For example: currently you can have a product which is priced $7.89, following the change you can have a product which is priced $7.899.

The aim of this feature is to give our retailers more versatility in their pricing. As you can see from the example above, you can now add additional depth to your prices and allow for taxes with 3 decimal places – which especially improves the accuracy of sales with large numbers of products.

Prices on the Sell Screen will still be displayed in 2 decimal places, but calculations for prices will take into account any 3 decimal place prices so will be over all more accurate. Vend will send pricing information to Add-on Partners (such as Xero and Shopify) in 3 decimal places. However, if those services don’t support 3 decimal places, they may round the prices on their end.

Customer group deletion

Now when a retailer deletes a customer group, customers in it are automatically assigned to the default Vend customer group.


Store management through iPad app

A new dropdown menu in the Vend POS iPad app lets retailers have quick and easy access to important settings in their stores.


iPad beginner’s tutorial

We’ve added a simple, slide-based tutorial for new users of the iPad app to show them how to get started using Vend.


iPad bug fixes and stability

– We’ve improved the charging of the InfineaTab 4 scanning devices.

– Improved stability with our PayPal integration when taking payments.


Shopify Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed several minor and major bugs with our Shopify integration – including supply price and markups displaying incorrectly, a stocktake error, and an issue where some retailers were seeing unusual behaviour in their Shopify prices.


About Sim Ahmed

Sim was a writer and technology journalist in a former life, before coming on board at Vend to help us communicate with our amazing community of retailers, partners and developers. Feel free to get in touch with Sim on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.