What’s New in Vend: July 2020

We’re well into the second half of 2020 and have been focusing on filling gaps and preparing for big features coming out soon. This month we’ve made Vend more flexible for retailers of different shapes and sizes. Read on to find out more!

Bulk delete customer records

It’s time to spring clean and focus on your most important customers. Go full Marie Kondo in your customer list with the ability to bulk delete records from Vend. 

Receive orders using Scanner

Last month we turned on the ability to scan to receive orders, now we’ve made it possible to create and receive new orders, all from the Scanner app.

Cut down the time it takes to process deliveries, add quantities and stock shelves. Just grab your iPhone from your pocket, create a new order and start scanning.

Download it from the Apple app store and log in with your Vend account to get started.

New Billing Preview Page

We’ve made it easier to see what exactly you will be paying for in your next billing payment. Check it out by logging into your Vend Store and heading over to Billing and then “Preview Next Bill”.

The new Bill Preview page outlines:

  1. The exact components that make up your subscription;
  2. The exact cost of those components and;
  3. The impact of any taxes.

Product Tip

Need to quickly issue a quote to a customer? Once you’ve added all the products to the register, just click Park Sale > Quote and enter a note. You can then print or email the Parked sale as a quote.

Learn More

Custom User Roles and Permissions

If you’ve got a larger retail operation, you will have a variety of roles across every level of your business. At this scale, flexibility and security are essential to get everything running smoothly. 

This is why we’ve enabled Admins to create custom user roles with customisable permissions, which:

  • Allows new roles to be created with more granular permissions
  • Aligns users in Vend more closely with their real world roles
  • Reduces the risk of preventable security breaches

Custom user roles and permissions are now available to retailers on the Enterprise plan. Upgrade now or learn more about custom user roles.

Tailor your tech with Workflows by Vend

At Vend, we want to fit around the way you work, not mould your business into something it’s not. That’s why we’ve introduced Workflows, a new API that allows you to extend Vend in a way that suits you.

If you sell age-restricted items like alcohol, Workflows can help remind cashiers to check a customer’s ID when certain products are added to a sale:

Or you might be an accessory store where you might want to build a pop up reminder for your staff to offer customers a personalized upsell item:

Or perhaps you’re an electronics retailer that needs to remind staff to capture IMEI or serial numbers. Or maybe you want to enforce limited quantities per sale for restricted items. The possibilities are endless!

The best part? There are no jarring interface changes for staff. Your customizations will look and feel like the rest of Vend. Available to retailers on the Enterprise plan – contact us to upgrade or learn more on how Workflows… work.

That’s all folks! See you next month 🚀

About Adriana Ferdian

Adriana is Vend’s Senior Product and Partnership Marketing Manager. She works closely with our product team and partners and ensures that retailers get access to all the amazing features and integrations that Vend has to offer. Outside of Vend, Adriana’s side hustles include owning a yoga mat brand (madyoga.co.nz) and an Indonesian street-food restaurant (itsjava.co).