What’s New in Vend – November


After a huge month for updates and new features in October, this month we’ve been working on improvements and bugfixes to help you continue to do awesome retail. Check out the full list below.


Feature – Printing Register Closures: After the release of our brand new Vend Register app last month, we’ve been working hard to add new features and improvements. This month, we’ve added the ability to print register closures from your iPad using the new Register app. If you haven’t already, head to the app store and try Vend Register for yourself now.

Bugfix – Motorola Barcode Scanner: Fixed an issue with the Vend POS iPad app where the Motorola barcode scanner Li4278 was returning the same product multiple times when another product was scanned.

Bugfix – Fixed an issue where register closing was not splitting taxes.

Bugfix – Fixed an issue where opened and parked sales were appearing on register closures.

Bugfix – Group tax break-out is no longer missing in the register closure summary.

Bugfix – Fixed an issue where deleting a customer hides all the sales that were attached to them.

Bugfix – Fixed an issue where the Admin Dashboard was removed from the Vend POS for iPad app.


If you have any questions or need any help, remember we’re always just a click away. Find us on email, Twitter, or Facebook!

About Lorilynn McCorrister

Lorilynn is Vend’s Community Manager and resident music buff. Before joining Vend, Lorilynn worked in the music industry as a social media and artist manager. She loves writing, traveling, checking out live music, and, of course, communicating with Vend’s awesome group of retailers, partners and friends. You can get in touch with Lorilynn on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.