What’s new in Vend – October


It’s been a while since we shared our latest updates with you – we’ve been hard at work launching some major new features!

Check out gift cards and cash management which are now available on our new Register for Mac and PC, and Register iPad app – two big features we know you’ve been waiting for. Plus, our recommended gift card supplier is offering a 15% discount for all Vend customers until November 7 – find out more below.

Thanks again to all our beta customers who have helped us test these new updates – you’re a big part in helping us make world-leading software and you rock!

*Gift card special offer*

The holiday season is fast approaching, so now’s the time to get your gift cards ready for the shopping rush. Plastic Printers is offering 15% off all orders by Vend Customers for a limited time. To get the discount simply order your gift cards by November 7 and use the promo code VEND15.

Here’s what else is new in Vend:

Product Performance Report – This new inventory report will help you plan your purchases and re-ordering better. See on the same report your sales figures and stock on hand for each of your products. We’ve also introduced a new measure called ‘Weeks Cover’ that estimates for you the number of weeks that your stock will last, based on your current stock on hand and number of items sold in the last four weeks. We’ll be adding even more exciting measures to this new report soon. Stay tuned!

Xero improvements – We’re hard at work to improve our integration with Xero. In the next few days, we’ll be releasing one of our top feature request. You’ll now be able to set your on-account payment due dates in Vend to match your ‘Sales invoices default due date’ in Xero. This means that your on-account invoices posted to Xero will no longer be due the day they were created.

Vend Ecommerce updates – Search for Ecommerce has been added so your customers can now search your site for products and pages. Find our more on how this works here. We’ve also added a ‘Thanks for your order!’ page in Ecommerce which will appear for your customers after they’ve made a purchase, and includes a summary of their order. 

App switcher

New Register for Mac and PC – If you haven’t made the switch to our new web-based sell screen yet, now’s the time! Our completely reimagined sell screen is faster, more intuitive, and is where you can access all our new features such as gift cards and cash management. The new Register is completely free and it’s linked to your current system, just like the previous sell screen was. All reporting, inventory and sales data will be updated automatically, as usual. Plus, Quick Keys for Register are finally here! If you have Quick Keys already set up in our old sell screen or in our iPad app, you’ll be able to bring them over to Register with one click. Start using Register today.

New Product Add-Ons & Updates:

  • DEAR Inventory is a comprehensive cloud-based inventory management application. It’s designed to help small businesses get better visibility of orders and inventory across all sales channels and locations.
  • Ecwid can help you create a beautiful and powerful online store instantly from your Vend product inventory, and add it seamlessly to any website or Facebook page – or to multiple sites online simultaneously. They’re great if you want to extend your sales reach from more than one website.
  • Collect Loyalty has been completely revamped for Vend! With Collect, you can create a powerful Loyalty and Referral Program with built-in customer emails and Apple Wallet. Smartly integrated with Vend, it’s easy to add customers, reward points for purchase automatically, and redeem rewards in-store and online. Grow repeat business, retain customers, increase sales and encourage friend referrals. Try Collect Loyalty for free and take a look at Collect’s other powerful new marketing tools for your store.

Bugfixes – We’ve fixed a bug which made void return sales show simply as ‘Return’ on the sales history page. The status now clearly states “Voided Return” on that page. Also, a bug affecting some customers using large currency denominations in Vend Ecommerce has been corrected, plus more.

Vend U – Our new resource center for Vend customers, Vend U provides free access to guides, training, videos, and interactive courses to help you run the world’s best retail. Latest on-demand courses in the learning portal include:

  • Setting up and selling with Register for Mac and PC
  • Setting up and selling with Register for iPad
  • Getting the most out of Reporting
  • Setting up Vend Ecommerce

Browse through Vend U’s helpful resources here.

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