What’s New in Vend: September 2020

Alright September, what have you got? Doesn’t matter because we’ve prepared our retailers for anything. Last month we teased some big updates that would make your day-to-day life easier in Vend, and here they are. From redeeming online gift certificates in-store to adding images for your variants, we’re helping take the load off. Read on to find out what’s new this month.

Return Products to Any Outlet

With the rise of contactless shopping, it’s also important to allow your customers to return products with ease.  

Cashiers can now process a return of a product bought from any outlet in your Vend store. For example, a customer who bought a product through your online store can now choose to return it to their closest physical store. 

Search by the customer name or the receipt number, find the associated sale, and process the return on the spot. Rest assured that the stock will be reflected accurately in each outlet and will be shown correctly in your reporting too!

Tip: If your cashier is making a return without an existing sale attached, we will prompt them to find the original sale!

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We’ve given the Customers page a facelift!

Staying connected to your customers is more important than ever, so we’ve made it easier and cleaner to maintain your customer list – because every visitor is worth capturing. We’ve made a new pop-up modal for adding and editing customers, instead of redirecting you to a new page.

Are you reopening soon? Check out our email marketing tips to help drive traffic and engagement back to your store. 

Get found online with Pointy from Google

Pointy from Google allows you to get your products in front of thousands of shoppers in your area, directly from Google Search. It’s free and it only takes a couple of clicks!

It’s easy:

  1. Connect Pointy to your Vend account here.
  2. Once you’ve  connected  your products will appear automatically – as long as you’re using universal product codes — no data entry needed. 
  3. Once you’re set up, shoppers in your area will be able to see  your products right in Google Search, boosting your sales.

Changes to Sales History on your iPad app

If your iPad app looks different this month, it is! Your Sales History screen is now cleaner, slicker, and has a lot of great new functionality that it was missing out on before!

What’s new:

  • Advanced search and filter options
  • Ability to edit sales
  • Ability to adjust payments

You will also have a more consistent experience across the iPad app and the Web app – new staff will only need to be trained on one platform!

Read more on Sales History here.



Product Tip

Don’t forget to update your Vend iPad app – version 3.8.4 is now here with bug fixes, new features, and more!

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Images for products with variants

You can now upload and select an image for each of your product variants in Vend! This means that it becomes easier to identify different colors, textures, and materials for the same product type. Find out more.

Redeeming BigCommerce gift certificates in Vend

If you are using Bigcommerce with Vend, you can now accept online Gift Certificates in-store! This lets your customers redeem their online gift certificates in-person, giving them a lot more flexibility with how they shop with you.

This also means gift certificates bought now can be redeemed later, opening up a new source of cash flow especially during the pandemic.

If you’re not using BigCommerce yet, it’s free to connect Vend + BigCommerce on the Pro and Enterprise plans and it’s super simple to set up! Register to find out how.

Celebrate retail!

With stores starting to reopen again, it’s time we banded together and inspire each other! Upload your store photos on Instagram and include the hashtag #VendRetailer. We are looking to showcase amazing window displays, creative in-store fit-outs, happy staff and shoppers!

Check out these cool displays by our retailers The Collective Beat in Sydney, Australia and Tribute Store in Cape Town, South Africa.

That’s it for this month folks! To subscribe to our newsletter, head to vendhq.com/subscribe or you can email us at newsletters@vendhq.com for any questions! ✌🏼

About Adriana Ferdian

Adriana is Vend’s Senior Product and Partnership Marketing Manager. She works closely with our product team and partners and ensures that retailers get access to all the amazing features and integrations that Vend has to offer. Outside of Vend, Adriana’s side hustles include owning a yoga mat brand (madyoga.co.nz) and an Indonesian street-food restaurant (itsjava.co).