We’re deepening our partnership with Xero, to create the best solution for retailers across the globe


Vend_Xero_PRINTWe’ve been working with Xero for over six years to provide a world-leading solution for retailers to manage their business. And today we’re taking it up a notch. We’re pleased to announce a new global partnership with Xero, as preferred providers of services for our customers. This will see us work towards joint goals, such as further building out our integration and products to create the best combined solution for retailers around the world.

“Our data shows that customers that use Vend and Xero together are more successful than those who don’t – being able to have a single view of your business, from staff, product and sales, through to profitability and performance has a big impact on long-term success. We’ve been working hard with Xero to develop a truly innovative offering for retailers, one that makes it easy to take advantage of the benefits of moving business operations into the cloud,” says Alex Fala, CEO at Vend.

Using Vend together with Xero’s sophisticated accounting and payroll software means sales, customer and cash-flow data are shared in real-time between the two systems reducing the overheads and administration required to run a retail business.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 5.38.38 PMRecently we also launched a number of industry-leading updates to the integration, including tracking of stock margins (cost-of-goods), which allow business owners to make better decisions on how to increase cash-flow and profitability. We’re also working closely within Apple’s Mobility Partner Program to innovate the customer experience on mobile and iOS.

“Vend have put a lot into developing their integration with Xero,” says Will McTavish, CEO of Xero partner Link Solutions. “It makes retail easy. In my humble opinion, it’s the most advanced integration in the Xero ecosystem and the benefits of using it are huge.”

We don’t think of software as creating a solution but as an ecosystem that makes everyone’s business better. Partnering with Vend helps us deliver on that vision. Integrated cloud apps are the future for businesses and with cloud accelerating globally, it’s an exciting time in the industry,” says Rod Drury, CEO at Xero.

Customers are seeing big benefits of using Vend + Xero, and on iPad, such as Tails Never Fails Cricket in Australia which runs its whole business through one system to track products and services, and better understand their revenue and costs. Check out their story below! 


About Kate Webby

Kate is the guardian of communications at Vend. Her love of retail began with ice cream (selling it at music festivals), jewellery (selling it in department stores), and badly made coffee (serving it in cafes). Having lived and worked for technology companies across the oceans, Kate loves sharing Vend's story and the success of its amazing customers around the world.