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Blazers & Bottoms was founded by sisters Janette & Alysia. Born out of their love for fashion, the store carries pieces designed to make women feel good. With in-house styling and alterations, guests are guaranteed to find the perfect fit.

Blazers & Bottoms was founded in 2021 and is based in Columbus, OH. While Janette & Alysia are just starting their retail journey, they have big plans to expand — which is why they chose Lightspeed Payments to power their business.

At a Glance

Getting up and running was quick and simple.

With Lightspeed Payments, Blazers & Bottoms was able to:

  • Get transactional ASAP to meet a tight opening schedule
  • Enjoy tailor-made training on their retail management and payments platform
  • Benefit from transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • Create a smooth checkout and payments experience for shoppers
  • Streamline end-of-day closeout processes

The Challenge

Janette and Alysia are busy women who have commitments both in and out of the boutique. They needed a POS and payments system that was easy to use and would enable them to save time while staying on-budget.

"We're working outside of this boutique as well. So not only does our budget matter, but our time does too,” says Alysia. “We don't have a lot of time to be learning and relearning stuff.”

For the most part, it’s just Alysia and Janette who are running Blazers & Bottoms, so having an intuitive and reliable retail platform is a must.

As Janette puts it, “Some days, it's just me or my sister. There's no backup. So we’re wearing five different hats at the same time. We're trying to help our customers and we’re ringing them up — all while making sure the store is in order.”

Needless to say, for a busy store like Blazers & Bottoms, having a slow and glitchy system is not an option.

“You lose customers when you don't have a reliable system and everything's not going smoothly,” adds Janette.

“It was so simple and it helped that we had a dedicated person that we could just contact.”
Alysia Jackson, Co-Owner, Blazers & Bottoms

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The Solution

When they set out to find a POS and payments solution, Alysia and Janette knew they had to find a system that ticked all the right boxes.

“We wanted something that was easy to understand because we were in a crunch time, trying to get a system in here,” recalls Janette.

She continues, “So when we went to look for a system to use, we found that Lightspeed was just everything that they explained to us. It was an easy process and it definitely helped us weed out the other systems quickly.”

Simple and transparent fees

Janette and Alysia also appreciated the simple and transparent pricing of Lightspeed Payments. "Everything is clear and consistent. There's been no surprises," says Alysia when describing the pricing structure.

Janette adds that the Lightspeed team adequately explained the program’s fees so they were easy to understand. “It just needed to be straightforward — like, what is the bottom line? And I felt like the bottom line was delivered.”

A one-stop-shop commerce platform

To make things even simpler, the sisters opted for Lightspeed’s all-in-one platform, which included their point-of-sale software, hardware, and payments. Because of this, Alysia and Janette were able to get the resources and support they needed from one place.

“We wanted everything to be all together, which is very nice. You get answers quickly because everybody's all together and you just go to one source,” remarks Janette.

Tailored training and support

According to them, Lightspeed made setup and training incredibly easy. Lightspeed’s Retail Specialists conducted a number of Zoom calls in which they walked the sisters through the system.

“After that first Zoom call, I was like, ‘Ok, we can do this,’” says Alysia. “It was so simple and it helped that we had a dedicated person that we could just contact throughout those weeks of training.”

All in all, the simplicity of Lightspeed Payments, coupled with the personalized training that Janette and Alysia received, gave them the knowledge and confidence they needed to move forward.

“[Lightspeed Payments] has made me feel better coming here by myself because I know it's always going to be working.”
Janette Horton, Stylist and Co-Owner, Blazers & Bottoms

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Blazers & Bottoms brings their solution together with the best in retail

The Results

The boutique’s soft opening — and subsequent grand opening — went flawlessly for everyone at Blazers & Bottoms. Janette and Alysia kept the store running smoothly and guests had an excellent in-store experience.

“We were able to get people in and out and we never had one glitch with Lightspeed Payments. Not one,” says Alysia.

A superb customer experience

Thanks to Lightspeed Payments, Alysia and Janette could ring up sales quickly and accept all payment types.

“Everything is so self explanatory. You just tap and it comes up immediately. Or you just put your card in, remove it, and the system processes it very quickly,” says Janette.

“It's part of the whole customer service experience. You want them to be comfortable with everything; not just the shopping, but with the whole checkout experience as well,” she adds.

Useful retail and payments reports

Beyond the checkout process, Lightspeed Payments also helped the sisters streamline back office tasks, as well as access useful reports and analytics. Alysia loves that she can see the right metrics immediately, and that she doesn’t have to manually calculate or find data on pricing, margins, and profitability.

“The reports are available at a glance. Plus, you can add columns and personalize them to what you want to see.”

Overall, Lightspeed Payments has been instrumental in the launch and overall operations of Blazers & Bottoms. And the best part is they’re just getting started. Janette and Alysia plan to expand their product lines and offerings, and they know that Lightspeed will play a big role in all of that.

As Alysia puts it, “Our goal is to keep growing, so we want something that will grow with us. And I can see that right now at this beginning stage of our business, we’re barely scratching the surface of what Lightspeed Payments could do for us.”

“We’re barely scratching the surface of what Lightspeed Payments could do for us.”
Alysia Jackson, Co-Owner, Blazers & Bottoms

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