Vend by Lightspeed helped Elephone streamline their inventory management.

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Established in 2016, Elephone specialises in electronic repairs. Founders Vincent and Monica met while working at a mobile phone repairs store and decided to start their own store where all repairs would be transparent and out in the open.

Elephone believes every device has its own unique history and story. Vincent and Monica aim to heal devices and improve the environment by reducing electronic waste. The company has 9 physical stores across Melbourne, Australia and an online store where people can book repairs.

At a Glance

Vend by Lightspeed allows Elephone to run their nine stores with ease.

With Vend by Lightspeed Elephone can now:

  • Manage their inventory in just a couple of clicks
  • Streamline sales at checkout in-store and online with Lightspeed Payments
  • Access in-depth reporting to track important metrics
  • Seamlessly integrate with their online store
  • Train staff quickly and easily

The Challenge

Elephone struggled with their old POS system because it didn’t give them the ability to effectively manage their inventory.

Elephone already had an existing POS that they had been using for a couple of years. However, the system had plenty of flaws, including limited inventory functionalities where they had to manually enter stock numbers.

As the business grew, the team knew they needed a solution with strong inventory management capabilities.

“With our growing business, we had a lot of inventory, and a lot of stock to account for, and needed integration with our payment machine and our current POS didn't really do that.”
Adela Shen, Systems Manager

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The Solution

The team at Elephone knew they had to start looking for a better solution to manage their stock and business.

Elephone started to look for a new POS system that could help with their growing business needs and Vend stood out as the best POS for them. While its price point was higher than their old system, the team chose to move forward because Vend had all the features they were after.

Adela Shen said, “Vend was a little bit of a price jump but I think we had to do it.”

Adela was in charge of getting Vend set up across all nine Elephone stores and said the process was simple and self-explanatory. Plus, the Vend Support team members were always there if she got stuck; she would just send them a message and someone would immediately help her through any issues.

According to Shen, migrating their existing inventory into the Vend platform was a smooth experience.

Elephone is also a Lightspeed Payments customer and loves that it gives them the flexibility to take payments in-person, as well as online and over the phone.

When discussing the set-up process for Lightspeed Payments, Shen said that everything was streamlined and a breeze to implement. “Overall, it was really simple… [it was] pretty easy to go through all the steps to set up a new outlet and then new payment types.”

Elephone is also currently building a new website where their customers can get a quote for repairs. Shen says that the Vend API integration has been useful in this regard.

"We’re also building our own website so people can go and get a quote for our repairs. So rather than trying to put prices on Vend and then on our website, we use the API to connect the systems."

“Overall, it was really simple… [it was] pretty easy to go through all the steps to set up a new outlet and then new payment types.”
Adela Shen, Systems Manager

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Elephone brings their solution together with the best in retail

The Results

Vend has given Elephone access to a number of features that provide a smoother experience of running their physical stores and e-commerce site.

According to Shen, the big game-changer for Elephone was reorder points. Elephone has its warehouse as an outlet so the warehouse can just transfer stock to its multiple stores. With the reorder points set up, the Elephone staff can now place orders with just a click of a button.

This is a huge time saver for both the stores and the warehouse.

Shen is also a fan of the API access, which enables the team to get their prices on their website. This means customers can get quotes instantly, rather than having to call the store.

Another thing that the Elephone team loves is the easy searching for products. They’re able to tag different types of items and run reports easily, so they know what to order next.

Lightspeed Payments have also helped the team optimise store operations. According to Shen, Lightspeed Payments is easy to use. When charging a customer, the total just pops up on the payment terminal and the shop staff simply have to tap a button. She says one thing that has been the most helpful is being able to take phone payments from customers instead of getting the customers to come into the store.

“Being able to just click a button and then all the Reorder Points are set up and the order gets sent to the warehouse to create… it saves so much time for the stores and for the warehouse. It is a huge game-changer.”
Adela Shen, Systems Manager

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