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Grain & Vine are a boutique wine and spirits retailer in Brooklyn, New York.

The business has 10 staff, with two outlets in New York and a thriving online store.

At a Glance

$1,000 saved every year, by moving to Vend and Square

By switching to Vend, Grain & Vine has been able to:

  • Maximise ROI using Vend’s sophisticated inventory management and cost reporting.
  • Manage the business from any location using cloud POS.

The Challenge

How to get the best payments customer experience and deal?

Grain & Vine owner Michael Nagdimunov had tried all the payment processors, but found that he couldn’t get the right mix of a hassle-free, beautiful customer experience, and a fee structure that makes sense for his business.

He also needed a point of sale and retail system that allowed him to manage complicated inventory across many categories, as well as re-ordering, cost tracking, and reporting.

While brick & mortar retail is the heart of his business he also wanted to tap into the best of ecommerce. But he didn’t want to operate a whole separate system that would require holding dedicated inventory and doubling-up on data entry.

And last of all he needed a system that his accountant was going to be happy with, and would be able to access from anywhere. Michael runs a true cloud business, working and living across both New York and Los Angeles.

“To anyone looking for a tight integration between point of sale and payment processing, I strongly recommend this option.”
Michael Nagdimunov, owner

The Solution

Grain & Vine use Vend’s seamless integrations to save time, make more money, and create beautiful customer experiences.

Michael investigated his payments options with Vend and found that there was a Square integration available. Integrated payments are a must as they cut down time at the register, with the tender amount automatically added to the payment processing device. This also eliminates human error and means that time is saved at the end of day cash-up, as all totals are pre-populated and correct for the register closure.

By choosing Vend POS as the central app for the system, Michael could be sure that he’d get the most from his inventory, and the best returns from his brick & mortar store - the biggest part of the business. Vend’s integration with Shopify also allows Grain & Vine to sell everywhere from one inventory with all products available in-store and online.

“Using Vend and integrating Shopify we are able to have the same inventory available across both channels.”
Michael Nagdimunov, owner

Grain & Vine brings their solution together with the best in retail

The Results

Saving $1,000 a year is just the beginning. It’s about making more from what we have.

By integrating Vend and Shopify, Michael has been able to grow his business. They are making more return from the same inventory. And by saving money and time on their payments, they are now looking to expand. Being able to add a new outlet with the click of a button, and the ease of being able to train staff in minutes helps make this task easier.

“We don’t double sell, as when an action happens in one system it’s recorded in the other. And we save time because we only enter the product information once, and it's available across both systems. Everyone is happy.”
Michael Nagdimunov, owner

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