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Kate Sheridan is an accessory and womenswear label, designing practical, minimal and beautifully crafted goods from their East London studio & store.

Boutique retailer with one brick and mortar location, a Shopify store and stockists all over the world.

At a Glance

Countless hours of admin saved with Vend.

Kate Sheridan uses Vend to:

  • Smoothly track and manage inventory across all channels.
  • Focus less on time-consuming admin and more on growing the business.
  • Provide customers with a smooth checkout experience.
  • View real-time analytics to make smarter decisions with Vend Reporting.

The Challenge

Kate Sheridan was running her business using pen & paper, spending hours on admin and manually updating spreadsheets to track her stock sold in-store and online. Kate wanted to focus on the things she loved, and needed a POS system that would help run her business.

After training as a footwear and accessories designer, Kate Sheridan began her career screen printing on leather accessories in her bedroom. The brand grew organically, and Kate expanded into womenswear, staying true to her ethos of ethical production, selling her own designs and stocking beautiful products from other local designers.

The retail side of the business started with a stall in Broadway Market, and the brand has grown to a brick and mortar location in East London, with stockists all around the world, from Paris to San Francisco to Tokyo, and in stores across the UK including Fortnum & Mason.

Despite her local and international success, the business was still largely run using pen and paper. Kate knew she needed a system to streamline her operations, but didn’t think she had the time to set up an ePOS system.

“Before Vend, sales were just written down using pen and paper in a diary. Like so many independents we were wasting hours every week counting stock and updating inventory.”
Kate Sheridan, Owner

The Solution

Kate Sheridan won a £20,000 Retail Growth package from Vend, giving her all the tools to take her business to the next level.

The prize included a 5-year software subscription, on site set-up and training from Vend expert Albion, hardware, a bira membership, and an advertising package worth £8,000.

Albion took all the heavy lifting out of setting up a new ePOS system, uploading product SKUs, installing hardware, and training Kate and her team.

Kate Sheridan uses Vend on iPad in her store and a Star mPOP receipt printer and cash drawer which connect wirelessly for a sleek customer experience. Integrating Shopify for ecommerce means that they’ve been able to centralize and streamline their operations.

“I didn’t think that just having a point of sale and getting on the cloud could do so much for my business.”
Kate Sheridan, Owner

Kate Sheridan brings their solution together with the best in retail

The Results

No more pen and paper, countless hours saved on admin, stress-free inventory management across channels, and smarter decision-making thanks to Vend Reporting.

Kate Sheridan once spent far too long on admin every week, but switching to Vend has given them back those valuable hours. “Like so many independents we were wasting hours every week counting stock and updating inventory” says Kate.

Keeping track of stock levels across their brick and mortar and ecommerce stores presented a stressful, frustrating problem that was “too much work”. Now, Kate Sheridan can sell to the world. “Vend tracks and manages inventory automatically across all selling channels, we’ll effectively never have to do a manual stock check again. This will allow us to spend more time with customers, and doing more of the things we love.”

Vend Reporting has also become an important tool in Kate Sheridan's business. By using the detailed data and analytics to pull “fast and easy” reports, Kate and her team have been able to make better-informed decisions, with “fascinating insight into the store’s overall performance”.

“Vend has been invaluable in helping us see which products are consistently selling the best, and it has us wondering how we’d spent so long simply running on guesswork!”
Kate Sheridan, Owner

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